7. What is a soul mate?

7. What is a soul mate?

Usually, the term soul mate refers to someone who appears from a place of magic and wonder. This person will resonate with you deeply, connect with you, make you feel deep love and joy.

But is that really all a soul mate is? Someone who makes you all flappy happy?

Here’s my definition of a soul mate:


(Or to God, spirit, source, heart, consciousness – whatever you want to call it).

A flappy happy soul mate is triggering you to connect with and feel what’s already in your soul – joy, connectedness and bliss. That’s all happening inside you, they just helped you get there. Which is nice J.

But, many things can connect you to your soul – including pain. Yep. PAIN! That emotional thing we fear – heartache, grief, gut wrenching yukkyness and so on!

Pain provides something that only pain can provide. It cracks you open. And ‘it’s through the cracks, that the light gets in’ (Leonard Cohen). If you don’t resist, pain can force you to crumble walls, tear off masks, let go of control, give in, drop the ego – and now finally with all that crap out of the way, your authentic, powerful, joyful soul can start shining through.

So alongside the ‘flappy happy soul mate’, be open to the idea that ‘mad bad soul mate’ also exists. And who knows, they could be the same person! Ultimately they both exist to trigger you to live through the authenticity of your soul. And from my experience, there is no greater joy and freedom in life, than that.

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