8. The madness of the mind – would you argue with a pot plant?

8. The madness of the mind – would you argue with a pot plant?

I was walking along the street in London and this homeless guy was arguing with a pot plant. He shouted at it ‘you tw*t!’. Arguing with a pot plant – he’s got to be a little insane right?

So how insane is arguing with YOURSELF? You, versus you. All sides of the argument coming from the same place. The same mind, the same brain, the same person. Just you. F*cking with yourself.

When the mind tells you to do or not to do something, that’s the very same mind that berates you about that decision seconds later. Am I the only one who thinks that’s pretty freaking insane???

How can you trust a mind that behaves like this? How can you take it seriously? And you do, by the way, take it seriously. I’ve seen people get into all sorts of crap. One time, someone created an issue about a relationship in their own head (by over thinking and worrying about the future). They then ended the relationship based on this stuff they made up in their head. And then they argued with themselves, about what they had just done. This all happened in the SAME ONE HEAD.

Mad? I think so. Uncommon? Unfortunately not.

Of course there are times when our mind is spot on, when it is intelligently helping us – as it should. But a lot of the time it’s doing its own random thing. And we get mentally and emotionally caught up in its sporadic, contradictory thinking. Sometimes we take action based on this thinking and so our lives follow this sporadic, contradictory nature. And frankly, that doesn’t often feel good.

I think we owe it to ourselves to take back the reigns of control. The mind is a wonderful tool, a miraculous gift. Perhaps if we learn how to use it better our lives would be very different – much more peaceful, I’m sure of it. I’m still working on it but I have seen massive changes in myself over the last few years. Through self-awareness, observation of my own thoughts, to mediation, to digging out root causes of thought patterns and consciously choosing better thoughts.

The power really is yours, you know.

Take that power and use it. So that you become the master of the mind, not it’s slave.


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