4. Is anything possible in your life?

4. Is anything possible in your life?

When we want something our minds usually decide a few ‘realistic’ ways in which it could come into being. Or, a few reasons why we can’t get it. Then, as we go along in our journey, sometimes stuff goes wrong. A spanner gets thrown in the works, a diversion in the road takes us down a long, dark, winding lane where you simply can’t see ‘how this will ever work out’.

In these moments, I can sometimes get dragged down. Maybe you don’t get dragged down – maybe you remain eternally faithful – fabulous, well done! But me? I’m still working on that in certain areas of my life. In areas like finance I battle with conditioned beliefs about lack, problems, struggle. When it comes to relationships I have learned to feel unworthy. The problem with having doubt about your ability to achieve something is that when you hit an unexpected diversion, you may mistake it for a sign that ‘this will never work out’.

I’m no statistician, mathematician, or physicist, but my understanding of the Universe is that it’s pretty much infinite possibility. INFINTE possibility.

This means that there are sooooo many possible scenarios that could play out in your existence. So many ways that something could happen. SO MANY – that you can’t even comprehend!

The few scenarios that your mind construes, are based on your limited experience, knowledge and beliefs. So you may think the only likely way for something to happen, is to follow ‘A to B to C’. However with infinite possibility, the Universe could make the same thing happen by taking you from ‘X to M to 2 to 6.5 to 8XY to C’. From a positive mind set, this is basically awesome. It’s magical. Anything is possible.

However, when you harbour doubt, the fact that you started on ‘X’, not ‘A’ could be enough to make you think ‘this will never work out’. At that point, you may start your descent – instead of staying open to the infinite possibility.

I’ve had, as I’m sure have you, many amazing manifestations that could never have even entered my mind as a series of steps, scenarios, situations. To me, that is a hint towards the infinite possibility of the Universe. The magical way in which it orchestrates life. So maybe, just maybe, if we get our limited minds out of the way, open ourselves up to the unlimited universe, anything really is possible?


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