13. Modern warfare – we should kill ideas not people #Syria

13. Modern warfare – we should kill ideas not people #Syria

Let’s say you don’t like marmite. And I say, I’m going to have to end your life unless you like marmite and eat it! (I’m reasonable like that).

So perhaps we fight, because you really believe that not liking marmite is the thing for you. One or both of us might die. But there’s another round of people who love and hate marmite, ready to fight for their belief just as we did. The circle continues.

Maybe you’d conform just to spare your life – at least until I p*ssed off and left you alone. You’ll say you like marmite, even force yourself to eat some. But what’s the chance you’ve actually deeply changed? Do you now love marmite? Probably not. Inside you still hate marmite and now you hate me too. Furthermore, the ‘idea’ of hating marmite is still floating in the abyss of thoughts in individuals, families, societies and countries. So the problem still persists, just waiting for another mind to latch onto it.

Whether it’s marmite, religion, politics, lifestyle choices, these all start of as people’s ideas and preferences before they turn into people’s behaviours. If the idea results in ill behaviour, killing people still only treats the symptom, not the cause. And it causes a hell of a lot of damaging negative energies in the process.

Honestly, this isn’t rocket science. I’m not quite sure why humans still run to war as an answer. Education, communication, changing thoughts and beliefs – especially of the next generation are the only way out. Yes it may be a long game and it may not be easy, it requires smarter thinking than the caveman style ‘you hurt me so I’m going to hurt you’. But if we want a safe planet for our children surely we have no other choice. We can educate ourselves, our loved ones, our societies and our nations. Most importantly, we can pick a selection of ideas and preferences that promote oneness as opposed to separation. Strengthen our connections rather than our disconnects. Recognise our similarities rather than our differences. Promote acceptance rather than rejection.

Maybe it sounds like a utopia. Maybe I sound naïve. But at least I can try and create this utopia in my own mind, my own behaviours, my own life. If we all do the same, surely change will happen. <3

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