26. Aaaaaanddd breathe.

26. Aaaaaanddd breathe.

I stopped breathing for a few days ?.

Ok that’s a figure of speech! But, I was so overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and busy that it felt like I didn’t have a second to breathe. I felt and probably looked like that Tasmanian devil cartoon, spinning around with a mad look on my face. Not the best look.

I fell into the trap of trying to get out of overwhelm and stress by trying to do more and more. Trying to force things, control things and MAKE them happen. Unfortunately, this often has the opposite effect to what we desire. It simply amplifies your distressed energy and adds to the overwhelm.

This is because the foundation of our being is energy, it’s where everything we think and do begins. So if I begin with a foundation of overwhelm and stress, my thoughts and actions are going to be of that same energy. I’m simply compounding it.

Drop everything and breathe.

We think we don’t have time to stop and just breathe – we have too much to do! But a few minutes of calm breathing will make the following hours of activity so much more productive and enjoyable.

I like to use a Yogic practise called ‘ujjayi breath’, also known as ‘oceanic breath’ or ‘victorious breath’. I recommend you research it or speak to a Yoga Practitioner, some people offer slight variations but from what I have been taught:

  • With awareness, you breathe in through your nose, and fill your whole belly with air.
  • On the out breath which is also through the nose, you consciously feel the breath hitting the back of your throat and you make a noise with it by constricting your throat.
  • It’s the same thing you would do if you took a big sigh out of your mouth – the ‘haaaaa’ sound. But you do it with your mouth closed and pass the air through your nose instead. When you do this, it sounds like the ocean waves.
  • Repeat for as many times as needed – for me, the calming results are very rapid – around the third breath I can already feel my whole body releasing tension.

As with any breathing exercises, always research to make sure it’s safe for you. I think this one is pretty safe for everyone but please do research if you have any health concerns.

It’s amazing how quickly your breath affects your physiology and your psychology. It calms your entire system down and restores balance, like a reset button. We all need resetting sometimes! So don’t be afraid to stop…. and just breathe.

And now you have a calm, solid foundation to continue about your day. ?

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