27. How to get more WOW! in your life!

27. How to get more WOW! in your life!

I recently wrote a blog on Barbara Frederickson’s 10 emotions of happiness. Understanding these emotions and knowing how to experience them really is a key to happiness!

One of those emotions was awe. I REALLY love to be in awe, that feeling of wonder, magic and ‘WOW’!

It would be great for everyone to have lots of WOW! in their lives! So I wrote a list of things that bring me awe in the hope that they would do the same for you. But after writing it, I didn’t think I was telling you anything you don’t already know. My list included:

  • Beautiful scenery, nature and animals
  • The stunning night sky, the whole universe
  • You and I, our uniqueness, our amazing bodies, our souls

I went a little more into the fact that everything is made of energy and perhaps not everyone is aware of that awe inspiring fact.

But overall I realised this: Many of us are intelligent enough to know that this world and everything in it is truly magical, truly ‘wow!’. But how many of us actually FEEL that wow? Feeling it is what makes us happy.

I figured it’s not what you look at, but FROM where you look. Awe is not just of the eyes. It is truly of the heart and soul. Awe is something you FEEL when you are connected at a deeper level to life itself.

So next time you look with your eyes at the amazing world in which we live, try and be very present. Don’t judge what you see or label it, just be in it and feel it. Appreciate it. Contemplate it from your heart. Let the magical energy of life fill you up to the brim.

To reap the happiness that this brings do it as often as you can – get out into nature, be around gorgeous animals, and LOOK UP! Oh that unpolluted sky at night is so stunning, it often renders me totally silent.

Maybe that’s when you know you are in awe – when you are rendered silent. Your heart is saying a silent but powerful ‘WOW!’. ❤

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