32. We Can Have Feminism, But We Need Femininity

32. We Can Have Feminism, But We Need Femininity

I’m all for equal rights. I was bought up in a culture where women should be seen and not heard. By some ironic twist, I’m now blogging myself silly on the world wide web – to be seen AND heard!

So feminism – all good, keep it up, YES!

But femininity is not associated with specific gender or anything to do with equal rights. It is something that every human possesses and perhaps expresses to different degrees. It is an energy, a capability, a way of being.

Feminine energy is about:
Nurture, strength through gentleness, vulnerability, compassion, love, creation, intuition, connection, wholeness… and yes, it is in men too!

Masculine energy is about:
Strength through power and control, leadership, assertiveness, results, rationalisation, logic, aggression… and yes, this is in women too!

There’s no right or wrongs, but what there is, is an IMBALANCE

Look at the planet and what do you see? I know we may be skewed by what we see on the news, but I’m sure you can sense that there’s a lot of masculine energy around – and it’s not bringing good results. Wars, destruction of the planet, wealth inequality, fear based controlling tactics, poverty… do these sound like the results of nurture, compassion, and wholeness? Nope!

Now masculine energy in itself isn’t bad, we need it just like a fish needs water. But there’s just too much of it and it’s not balanced with femininity. Even women who naturally carry more feminine energy, are becoming more masculine. The corporate world teaches us that if we want to succeed in business we have to fight for what we want, be headstrong, hard-nosed, un-emotional and so on. The scales are well and truly tipped in favour of masculine energy. So let’s start regaining our balance.

Find your femininity – whatever your gender!

Do things that warm your heart, inspire your creativity and make your soul shine. Connect yourself back to this beautiful earth – in nature, with animals, with each other. Light that powerful fire of feminine energy that exists in each and every one of us.

It’s not ‘weak’ to be feminine. Quite the opposite. To show love in place of aggression, is probably the hardest thing to do. To make decisions from compassion, rather than results, is no small feat. To follow your intuition, rather than logic and facts is near impossible for some.

But you can do it.

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