34. 7 People Who’ll Help You Be Happy And Successful

34. 7 People Who’ll Help You Be Happy And Successful

They say you turn out like the 5 people you spend the most time with. If everyone was happy, supportive, ambitious, caring, unconditionally loving, successful, kind, generous, confident and so on – then we’d all be surrounded by great energy and great influences.

If everyone was chasing the same types of dreams as us, we’d always be in good company with people who help us grow and reach new heights of success.

But we know that life just doesn’t work that way. People are walking down different paths, people are not always caring, supportive or kind. We can have total acceptance for each of these people – in the grand scheme of life they have every right to be where they are and how they are. We cannot change them and it is not our job to do so.

However, for the sake of our own happiness, success, inner wellbeing and as an act of self-care, we have to ensure that those we pull closest to us carry the traits that we wish to enjoy and embody.

We can’t live amongst people and be totally unaffected by them. Energy is contagious, it knows no boundaries. The energy of the people around you, their words and behaviours, will seep into you.

You may have heard the phrase ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. Well, I would add to that: ‘your tribe also attracts your vibe’. So what vibe and tribe do you want?

Here’s 7 types of people we should seek for our tribe:

  1. Dreamers and believers

If you dream big and want to live big, you have to be around people who feel the same. People who really believe that anything is possible. People who will not let failure stop them, people who will not let other people’s opinions dictate their life. People whose desire to fulfil their dreams and be successful is so damn strong that nothing could pull them from it.

Being around these people will motivate YOU to reach higher and higher.

  1. The doers and go getters

You’ve got to take action and it helps to have people around who are action oriented. They help you to get moving on your goals and be accountable for your life. If you’re surrounded by dreamers who don’t act on anything or worse, people who don’t dream or act, you will not move forward.

Doers and go getters are also likely to be people who are willing to learn more, do more and try more. None of this is bad for you and is essential for your success.

  1. The lovers and supporters

Someone doesn’t have to have the same dreams as you in order to love and support you. They just believe in YOU and whatever you want to do. People of this nature are also likely to be very loving and kind full stop, to strangers, to friends, to animals and to anyone. So that’s an awesome energy to have around you. These people help keep you in a loving space and help you be happy.

  1. The connected souls and healers

People who are really spiritually connected. People who get you on a soul level and feel your energy. These people go deep, they see beyond your mind and body.

They understand how hard life can be and how we can heal and nurture our inner worlds. They are not interested in the superficial crap. They want to get real. They have compassion for you and know your innate power. They help you keep this important perspective and grow in self-awareness and spirituality. To me, this growth is critical to success and happiness.

  1. The inspirers and mentors

These people have done it, or are doing it. Whether ‘it’ is achieving big dreams or just the way in which they live their humble lives day to day. They have strength, knowledge and wisdom to share with you.

They don’t have to be people you know personally, they can be famous people who communicate with the masses. Inspirers and mentors remind you that if they can do it, so can you and not only this, but they can show you how.

  1. The laughers and youthful

These people help you keep your inner child alive. They laugh, they have fun and they don’t take life so seriously. This is so key to happiness and real success. Keeping our inner spirit light and free is so important. Be with people who do that and help you to do it too. Laughter is super contagious, and has so many benefits for our mind, body and soul.

  1. The confident and calm

If you’re running about with someone who gets flustered at every little hiccup, you’re f*cked. They will throw you off and/ or they will p*ss you off.

If you’re with people who exude false confidence in the form of arrogance and bravado, this is also a waste of time and energy. Find people with true confidence and a calm energy and this energy will seep into your life too.


Now if people in your life don’t fit any of these, I’m not saying they don’t serve you or shouldn’t be in your life. But I would recommend you look at how you could get more of these positive influencers into your tribe.

Get out there and meet more people, go to new places and do new things. Expand your own horizons and find the magical souls of the world who align with you, your truth and your ambitions.

Together, we will soar.

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