35. We ignore the one thing that could save our lives!

35. We ignore the one thing that could save our lives!

The other day I was on a pretty empty bus and this guy got on – let’s call him Bob. Bob was quite tall and built, his steps were lethargic and heavy. He went to a seat and plonked down like a sack of potatoes. He spread himself out, leaned back in the seat, arms and legs wide – a power pose.

But his energy was not one of confident power, he had an air of aggression about him. Bob’s face looked angry in some way and his whole vibe was unpleasant. I found myself deciding that I didn’t like him at all.

Then I felt super guilty

I should know better than to judge by appearances. Bob is probably the nicest guy on the planet and look at me, the one who blogs about oneness and kindness and love and all that. I’m judging him. Not good right? Shame on me.

A couple of minutes later a guy – let’s call him Jim – got on the bus and stood a couple of feet away from Bob. Jim was holding onto the pole and minding his own business.

Bob reached over to get Jim’s attention. He says to Jim, with hostility ‘you’re blocking my view’. I could see Jim was confused and Bob said ‘my view, the view out of the window, you’re blocking it’.

In case you’re unsure, Bob WAS saying that Jim was blocking his view out of the HUGE front window on the empty bus. And don’t forget there are also HUGE windows all along the sides of the bus. And one out of the back for good measure.

Jim just kind of shrugged and turned away, clearly a bit bamboozled and perhaps fearful. Bob looked disgruntled and mumbled something like ‘oh, it’s alright though’ in a passive aggressive kind of way.

I was right, Bob did not have good vibes

The judgements I had made about Bob were not prejudice. And they were certainly not something to feel guilty about. They were something so smart that humans have been gifted with – instant, instinctive and intuitive judgements.

On the bus, I wasn’t consciously assessing Bob and then thinking about what I thought about him. I just felt his energy as soon as he got on the bus.

Of course I could see him with my eyes, but more than seeing what Bob looked like, I was unconsciously observing his body language. I didn’t think at the time ‘his arms and legs are spread in a certain way, this means aggression’. I just felt it, I just knew it. I just got a very fast ‘sense’ that Bob was a bit off.

And I was right.

This amazing inner guidance is in all of us, it kicks in to assess every situation.

It knows what was up.

And it’s usually spot on.

I heard that many victims of attacks by other people already ‘knew’ something wasn’t right. Usually the attacker wanted to take them somewhere and they ‘felt’ they shouldn’t go but they went anyway. Where they ended up going, termed the ‘secondary crime scene’, is where sh*t goes down.

Our inner guidance saves our lives. Yet people don’t listen to it.

OK, now to lighten the mood!

The moral of the story is that this amazing intelligence not only saves our physical lives, but it also saves our psychological and emotional lives because it guides us there too.

You know when you’re about to take a new job, but something just doesn’t feel right? Or you meet a new person and you just know that you’re going to be life-long friends?

Whatever decisions are to be made, whatever challenges are to be navigated, this intelligent guidance is like your inner sat nav. It will give you the fastest route to your destination and help you avoid traffic (sat nav is not always the best example as I know that it also drives people off cliffs).

Two things allow this guidance to save your psychological and emotional life

  1. You receive the signal

How tuned into this guidance are you? I feel it’s a mixture of superb sub conscious psychology and higher spiritual awareness. In most healthy humans, I think both of these are present.

But, can you hear this guidance amongst your constant, noisy thoughts? Can you feel it’s nudges amongst your anxiety and stress filled days? Can you sense it’s clarity amongst your fuzzy existence?

The more sensitive you become to these higher faculties, the more aware you will be about what direction to take and what decisions to make.

  1. You take action

So you’ve received the signal – great! Now what are you going to do? Ignore it like those people who end up in secondary crime scenes?!

Not following this signal might not get you killed, but you can be sure that it’ll make your life much more painful and difficult.

Instead of turning left and reaching your destination, you ignore the instructions and go right. It now takes you twice as long to get there and maybe you had to go down a very dark, scary, bumpy, narrow country lane on route.

Nothing wrong with that and maybe sometimes we’re meant to take the long way round. But if you could avoid the longer, dark and narrow lanes, wouldn’t you?

Your instincts and intuition never lie

We’re super lucky to have this amazing guidance within. I am now very discerning about the difference between prejudiced judgements and this advanced intelligence.

I also know that this intelligence is guiding me throughout all areas of life. It wants to look after me, it wants to send me in the right direction. It wants to save my life! It wants to save yours too.

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