48. Perspective Is Everything

48. Perspective Is Everything

Look at this picture below, what do you see?


I see beauty, life, depth, power, gorgeous colour, magic, nature and the unknown.
Some might see an ocean and perhaps a boat.
Some might see land or clouds.
Some might see fear and drowning. Or sharks!

We’re all correct.

Fact is, your perspective is true for you.

How do you see your problems?

As opportunities to smash the shit out of?!
A chance to test your power? To grow?
Or hurdles that you can’t climb?
Bad luck bestowed upon you?
Unfair scenarios reserved just for you?

How do you see people?

Let’s say there’s an alcoholic or obese person. What do you see? A person who’s a mess? A person who’s greedy and has no will power?
Or a person who is self-medicating to try and overcome emotional pain?

What about a terrorist?

A murdering lunatic?
Or a person who is brainwashed and unfortunately bought up in an unconscious society and culture? Perhaps a person who can teach humanity how not to be?

What about when you look in the mirror?

I see bad skin, grey hairs and wonky teeth! What do you see when you look at me? It might be different – who’s right?

Doesn’t matter, what matters is how does that perspective affect your life?

Clearly, seeing my flaws does not make me feel good, it does not make me go out into the world with confidence and powerful self-love and acceptance. Instead I go out with insecurities and anxiety. Not always, but sometimes I do.

And because thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions and thus results – starting off with crappy thoughts and feelings is only going to give me crappy results! That’s just the way it works.

How you see the world is how your world will be

Pick any topic – people, relationships, money, work, happiness, problems, health, yourself, travel, success, joy, war, peace, love… have a think about how you see this stuff. Write it down, let the pen flow and see what truths come up.

Do you like what comes up for you?

Often we see from a place of sub conscious conditioning. Our root beliefs that we’ve learned from other people are so ingrained that we don’t even realise they are playing out. They can make us see the world in way that makes us less happy, kind and successful than perhaps we could be.

Remember – thoughts (perspectives) lead to feelings, which lead to your actions. Your actions determine your results.

And ultimately the only person who can choose your thoughts, choose your perspective, is you.

Change your perspective, change your results. Change your life!

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