50. Love Your Fear Because It Loves You Most

50. Love Your Fear Because It Loves You Most

Fear is your guardian. It shows up whenever there’s possibility of you getting hurt. Its purpose is to look after you.

Like a parent would protect their child, fear just wants to keep you safe.

To fear, you are the most important and valuable thing that exists. You are its whole world. It wants to guard your precious heart. That’s all it ever wants to do. It means no harm. Quite the opposite. It loves you so much.

Yet, we hate on fear.

We tell it to piss off and stop impeding our progress.

We see fear’s protective love as a pain in the ass.

We label fear’s strength in serving us as a weakness in stopping us.

We push it away. We don’t want it hanging around. It’s an inconvenience.

Yet, fear keeps looking out for you no matter how much you hate on it. It loves you unconditionally.

What a blessing, to be loved like that.

What if you could love it back?

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