51. Motivation Or Inspiration?

51. Motivation Or Inspiration?

I used to think motivation and inspiration were the same thing. But there’s an important difference between the two.

The origin of the word motivate is ‘to move’. The origin of inspire is ‘to breathe life into’.

I can’t help but think that that’s what we are really here to do. To breathe life into… well, into life! Into our dreams and aspirations. We’re here to express from within, not be pushed from without.

Motivation is limited. It’s of the mind and body, not of the soul. It’s usually an attempt to repeat the same old crap that everyone else is doing as opposed to adding anything new to the pot of existence. It’s the force required to follow outside rules, standards and expectations that don’t actually align with your truth.

Inspiration is abundant. It comes from your soul and spirit – the space of genius, intelligence and profound results. It adds to the pot of existence. It gives true growth and fulfillment. It’s how you leave your mark. It is love.



In-spire… to breathe life into.

If this word doesn’t express a beautiful truth I don’t know what does! It’s probably my favourite word of all time. ?

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