52. Healthy Stress V’s Unhealthy Stress

52. Healthy Stress V’s Unhealthy Stress

Chronic stress seems to be ‘normal’ in western society. But it’s not your natural state and it’s not a healthy state. Small amounts of acute stress is normal and healthy. This type of stress arises when you have a challenge on your hands and then leaves once it’s over.

But, chronic (constant) stress is not so good. This is a frequent state of tension, anxiety and being on edge. Many things can cause this in our complex lives. Money, career, looks, status, racing against the clock, our own insecurities, success, technology, the past, the future, the scary news stories, business, relationships, politics, economy, health. There’s a lot to stress about, right?

And, if you were exposed to chronic stress as a child – e.g. you were bullied, abused, witnessed a painful parental divorce, grew up in poverty or war, this state of stress will in most cases, carry through into your adult life.

The thing with stress, is that it’s not just happening in your head.

It’s happening in your body. It’s massively happening in your body.

Stress releases certain hormones into your body. These hormones increase your heart rate and suppress your immune system. Chronic stress means that these hormones linger at elevated levels for a long time – so you have long term pressure on your heart and long term suppression of your immune system. I’m sure you can figure that that’s not good for your health. Heart disease and a plethora of illnesses can ensue.

Now, how do we solve this?

We go to a peaceful beach or mountain and stay there. 

Hehe, I wish I could do that!

Unfortunately, most of us cannot just up and leave our modern lives. So, here’s some tips for managing and reducing stress:

– meditation
– nature
– laughter
– get a dog
– exercise
– Deeeeep breathing
– sleep well
– healthy diet
– dance around your house
– look at the stars
– stop giving so many fucks about everything

Hope that helps! 

Wishing you a peaceful day darlings 

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