54. When Someone Is Unable To Love You…

54. When Someone Is Unable To Love You…

? Someone’s inability to see your worth, does not decrease your value.
? Someone’s inability to find you attractive, does not take away your beauty.
? Someone’s inability to support you, does not make you unworthy of help.

Partners, friends, parents, relatives, neighbours, randoms, colleagues, teachers, governments, companies… anyone. They all have opinions about us. Sometimes those opinions can make us feel pretty crappy. ?

But, remember: opinion’s aren’t facts. ?


Imagine people’s eyes like glass windows. ? They look through those windows at the world. But, the glass is all smudged up with stuff like past conditioning, emotions, beliefs, worries, problems and personal dreams. People’s eyes are rarely 100% clear. The glass rarely gets polished.

They look at you, through this glass. ? They look at you, through eyes that may be holding back tears ?. Or, eyes that are dreaming of their own future?. Their eyes may be vacant and numb, dissociated from life ?. Perhaps there is fear, anger and rage burning through their vision ?.

With all of their own stuff, the glass window becomes covered in marks and smudges. Maybe the curtains are even closed. ?

How can they see you CLEARLY, through this glass? They can’t. And most of them don’t even realise that there’s a difference between you and the smudges and marks on their glass. They merge the two together. They project their marks, onto their vision of you. ?

And, what about YOUR eyes? How do you see others? How do you see yourself? You too, will have hazy vision and smudges. Is it time to get out the glass polish?


When you look at yourself, see at least these two truths:

 You are inherently valuable and worthy 

The chance of you existing is basically zero and you will NEVER occur again. NEVER. How the hell did you even get here? No one knows. It’s freakin’ crazy awesome. You are a one off. No one will ever look/ talk/ think and act exactly like you. ?

You are made of energy. You are life. You are spirit. You are connected to the whole universe. You are a profound miracle. ?

What can be of greater value that that? Do you SEE that, in yourself? ?

 You are inherently beautiful 

You are literally made from stardust.  Every atom in your body came from an exploding star, billions of years ago. That’s why you shine. 

The workings of your body are mind blowing. No human mind can really understand how it came into existence. The way every little cell is working to amazing precision and complexity to keep you alive. It’s just… unbelievable. A beautiful orchestration of existence. You are a work of art. And, a scientific miracle. Do you SEE that, in yourself? ?

I hope you do. I really do. 

And next time someone sees you through their smudges, remember, just because someone can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

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  1. There are 7 billion people on this earth and not everyone you encounter is going to love you. Its no point getting into a pickle over this. Best to ensure you love yourself and live life to the best of your abilities. And its no point beating yourself over the fact someone may dislike you because time is too short to spend much energies on such matters.

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