57. Who’s Hating On Their Body?

57. Who’s Hating On Their Body?

I have no abdomen. Not event joking. There is no gap between my ribs and my hips. If I had a six pack I don’t know where it would go. Kinda weird. ?

I also have some podgy areas. Bad posture. Wonky teeth and eyes. My nose is somewhat huge. Oh and I’ve got so many grey hairs – actually they are not grey. There are shining white, luminous, super thick strands that protrude from my head! ?

Many of us are taught to hate on our bodies. If we look ‘different’ (what the fuck does that even mean in a species of 7 billion unique humans), if we don’t match up to the photo-shopped BS in the magazines.


Just realise how freaking amazing it is to have this body! It’s the greatest marvel of creation. It’s mindblowingly amazing!?

The sole purpose of your body is to keep you alive. Literally 24/7 that’s ALL it’s ever bothered about. Is there anyone else on this planet who devotes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keeping YOU alive? NOPE. So we best start appreciating. ?

This huge mass of cells, each one itself a little life, just keeps going regardless of what I put it through. It fights disease, repairs and replenishes, it allows me to feel important emotions that guide me through life. It let’s me walk, talk, dance, hug, draw, write, eat, play, laugh and a million other things. ?


Every cell feels your energy. It feels your appreciation ? and it feels your self loathing ?. Be kind.

Your body is the home of your soul. ? You won’t get another.

It’s a beautiful, unique, one of a kind creation that belongs ALL to you. ? No one else will ever have one just like it. What a gift. ?

Cherish it. Love it. Appreciate it.

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