60. Bouncing Back From Life’s Challenges Is Natural To You

60. Bouncing Back From Life’s Challenges Is Natural To You

You cut the grass. And it grows. ?You cut the grass. And it grows. You pull the weeds. ? And they grow. You pull the weeds. And they grow. You put concrete over natural land and plants break through it. ? You put a building on natural land and vines grow up the walls. You abandon an old building or train track and plants take over it. ?

There is something deeply powerful, resilient and persistent in nature. It keeps coming back. Nothing man made can stop its natural power. It will keep returning no matter the challenge. ?

This power, resilience and persistence is within you too. You too, are nature. You have the same spirit, the same potential. ?
It doesn’t matter how much you fall, struggle or ‘fail’. Whether you experience trauma, loss, grief, financial ruin, ill health, relationship breakup or business failure – the comeback is within you. The potential to rise again, to grow through the concrete is there. ?


Whilst this potential is inherent at your core, humans are more complex than plants. We have other things that affect our rate of growth and level of comeback:

? the conscious and sub conscious mind
? the emotions and,
? the conscious and sub conscious behaviours.

Plants don’t have to deal with those things.

Our thoughts, emotions and behaviours can either help us or hinder us when it comes to bouncing back from life’s challenges. These human faculties can either create the channel for our comeback potential to flow through, or they can block the channel.


You can feel this very easily:

Does your life feel more like flow or force? ?
Does it feel more light or heavy? ?
Does it feel more hopeful or hopeless? ?
Do you feel like you are growing or shrinking, or just staying the same? ?
Does it feel like you’re about to explode – and not in a good way?! ?

Force, hopelessness, heaviness, shrinking and explosion (!) indicate that the channel is blocked. Your comeback is blocked.


If a pipe is blocked, it’s probably because it’s full of crap. It’s not crap that you put there, by the way. It’s usually life experiences that clog up our channel.

But, to unblock our channel we need to take out the blockage: things like repressed emotion, pessimistic thinking, poor self-concept and low self-esteem, fear, lack of belief, unhealthy actions and behaviours, bad relationships, isolation and much, much more…
So, get cleaning peeps. ✨ Rubber gloves, pipe cleaners and a jet hose at the ready. It’s time to allow your true potential to FLOW! ?

I await your come back. ?

Childhood trauma is one sure thing that will block your channel. To clear our channel, to bounce back, we require knowledge and support. You can get this by joining my free, private Facebook Group below. Although we focus on childhood abuse, the support we provide can help with all adverse childhood experiences. Join us now, it’s time for your come back!

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