62. Are You Hiding?

62. Are You Hiding?

Behind aesthetics like makeup, fancy clothes and possessions? ?Behind words like ‘I’m fine’ and behaviours like false confidence and fake smiles? ? Behind your non-stop, busy life? Behind your intellect and know it all? Behind your selfless service to everyone and everything? Behind your addictions and distractions?

Behind anything that will cover up what’s below…


I want to see all of you, not just the pretty stuff on the surface. Not the show you put on. Not the brave face. Let’s be real. ?

Show me your fears, insecurities and worries. Your past pains and traumas that you never told anyone about. Or those that you minimised and dismissed as ‘nothing’. Let me hold space for those. I’ll tell you what I’ve been through and you’ll realise that you’re not alone. ?

Tell me about your hopes and dreams – I won’t think you’ve got your head in the clouds or are living in la la land and I definitely won’t call you ‘weird’ or ‘unrealistic’. I’ll hold your hand for the amazing ride. I’ll help you if I can. ?


Many people are. They become so practised in fakery, in playing it cool and maintaining the glossy exterior that they start to believe in their own story. Some become so accustomed to putting on a brave face that even they are afraid to let the mask fall. The thought of being vulnerable is scary. ?

I don’t blame them, society makes us this way. It teaches us to be ashamed of vulnerability. Ashamed of not fitting in. Ashamed of being who we really are. ?

And so we hide. After all, we only hide what we are ashamed of. What we deem as ‘wrong’. What we haven’t yet accepted, embraced and loved within ourselves.


How much longer do you want to hold it all inside? How much longer do you want to pretend? How much longer do you want to reject?

There are not that many years left before your time is up. You can continue to hide for the remaining years, keep your true self caged. But then, no one will have really experienced YOU. Even YOU, will not have really experienced yourself. As far as we know, once that opportunity is gone it’s gone.

So don’t waste it. Don’t let other people’s opinions keep you imprisoned. ?

A flower does not hold itself in a bud, it blooms. ?

A caterpillar does not stay in its cocoon, it turns into a butterfly. ?

And so too for you. You are not here to stay under a mask. Your face is far too beautiful. ?


One thing that’s very common in people who’ve had difficult childhoods it their tendency to reject and hide their true self. This is the greatest cause of suffering and a huge part of healing is reconnecting to our true self, taking off our mask and loving our whole self. For support bouncing back after childhood trauma, abuse and other adverse experiences, join my private facebook group here:

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