66. What If Nothing Was ‘Wrong’?

66. What If Nothing Was ‘Wrong’?

What do you think is ‘wrong’ about you and your life? Is it your fear and anxiety or depression? Is it your sadness or your insecurity? Is it something you failed at? Is it your lack of discipline, your strained relationships or your feeling lost and stuck? What else is on your list of ‘wrongs’?

For a moment, can you get a sense of what it would feel like if you knew deep within that NONE of that was WRONG? You have NO reason to feel bad or ashamed about any of it?

For me, it’s hard to imagine. It’s hard to really feeeel what it would be like if none of that stuff felt wrong or bad because, society has trained us to believe that it is bad. We’re taught to think that we have to be strong, happy and successful in all areas of life at all times. I think that’s a bit bollocks!! I think that idea is more trouble than it’s worth because what happens is we feel bad, and then we feel bad about feeling bad! Double, triple whammy right there! Bleh!! ?


I don’t like to use the phrase ‘self-improvement’ much anymore, because it implies that something about you is not good enough as it is. And feeling not good enough is the crux of everyone’s issues in the first place!

? Actually, I’m FINE as I AM.

? Actually, NOTHING is WRONG with me.

? Actually, I am simply a NORMAL HUMAN BEING navigating life.

? Actually, everything about me is a culmination of a UNIQUE and COMPLEX life experience that cannot be judged as right or wrong.

? I am ENOUGH.

? I do NOT need improving.



Self-empowerment is finding the power that already resides within.

It’s not about fixing you, it’s about freeing you.
It’s not about changing you, it’s about championing you.
It’s not about altering you, it’s about accepting you.
It’s about saying: here I am in all my glory! ?

? Here are my wounds, here is my wisdom.
? Here are my fears, here is my faith.
? Here is my sadness, here is my sunshine.
? Here are my mistakes, here are my masterpieces.

All of it is RIGHT. None of it is WRONG.

Embrace that deep in your heart. There is nothing wrong with you. At all.


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