67. When Was The Last Time You Looked In Your Head?

67. When Was The Last Time You Looked In Your Head?

Take a look now, I dare ya! I’ve been looking in mine for years. Here’s some things I found out:

? My inability to say ‘no’ and often uncontrolled drive to please people is due to my strict upbringing. Indian girls are meant to be quiet and serve. I never take first place.

? My hard work ethic is driven by an upbringing where work was the most important thing and a lot of it went on. I will outwork most people.

? My strong tendency to shy away from confrontation and conflict is driven by painful experiences of just that, many years ago. It triggers me into anxiety.

? My insane love for dogs was driven by always having one for most of my life. They are my absolute favourite furry beings.

? My extreme desire to excel in my career is driven by a need to prove myself, as unconditional love was not freely given in my childhood. I had to earn it.

? My focus on empowering myself is driven by observation and experience of female dis-empowerment since young. I’m breaking the cycle.

We could go on… for days. Because 95% of your adult life is linked to your childhood experiences.

All your insecurities, confidence, relationship dynamics, financial situations, level of resilience, ability to regulate emotions, assertiveness, submissiveness and so on – all stems from there. There’s no escaping it, it’s just how the human psyche develops.

If you’re happy with all that – crack on.  😀
If you feel like things could be better – start now!

? You can raise your self-awareness by observing and investigating.
? You can start your self-mastery by practising and changing.
? And you can experience your self-transformation that results.

The power is yours. Use it!


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