70. Don’t Follow People Who Follow People

70. Don’t Follow People Who Follow People

Ok I know that sounds a bit random/ cryptic/ weirdo but let me explain:

Your greatest power is within you. Your greatest results are within you. Your greatest fulfilment is within you. Your best ideas, your courage, your healing, your strength, your love, your inspired action and ability to create and contribute something unique and amazing to life no matter how big or small, personally or professionally – is all within you. ?

And what you need (if indeed you need anything), are people who can help you connect to that. And, the only people who can help you connect to that are people who are doing it themselves. People who follow their own truth. Not people who follow people.

A person who follows people, looks to others for their power, answers, guidance, permission, magic pills, tools and processes. A person who follows people, rarely knows of or trusts their own truth. A person who follows people, can only create more of what other people have created. They will seldom break through the glass ceiling. If you follow that kind of person, where do you think you will end up?

I’m not saying don’t learn from others. I follow loads of people and learn from them every day. I’m indebted to them. BUT, the theme that runs across the people who I follow and value the most, is that they all follow their own truth and advise others to do the same. They may have some guidelines and tools, but they don’t have the answers. They don’t want to pass you a regurgitated processes for success, they want you to find your own. They are not trying to create more carbon copy humans, they are awakening unique souls.?

It is the awakened, unique soul that can tap into infinite possibility and soar. They are the Elon Musk, the Oprah, the Malala Yousafzai. They are also the mother who creates magic and immense love in their home. The employee who delivers inspired work and delights customers. The business leader who drives positive progress. The artist who creates heart touching music, paintings and literature, and the stranger who emanates compassion for all those around them. ?

These are the ones to follow. Because they trust themselves, they will help you trust yourself. Your highest self. Your soul, your intuition, your truth. This is where your power lies. Not in other people.

 You are your own guru. So don’t follow people who follow people, follow people who follow their own truth. 



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