Welcome to Pinky and Her Brain!

Pinky Jangra is the mind, body and soul behind Pinky and Her Brain. In February 2016 she was shortlisted by Hay House and Psychologies Magazine as one of the top 5 wisest new voices in 2016.

Pinky teaches the one really important thing that we didn't learn at school - self awareness and self improvement.

"With self awareness, you can do anything. Know yourself psychologically, emotionally and spiritually and you can tune yourself into this wonderful universe and really experience life to it's fullest potential. Of course challenges will come but when you really know yourself, you're much better equipped to handle them." Pinky Jangra

Pinky has been on her own personal development journey for nearly a decade. Everything she teaches in her blogs, cartoons, videos, workshops and public speaking events is inspired by her own growth, the many life teachers out there who bless us with their wisdom and her work in behavioural training and coaching in the business world.

Whether you want to get deeply spiritual and metaphysical, psychological and analytical, or emotional and behavioural - Pinky covers them all! She aims to inspire and support you in returning to your true divine nature, releasing from within the strength, worthiness and love that has been there all along.

"All of the answers you seek about your life are already inside you. Sometimes you just need a little help to find them". Pinky Jangra

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For all enquiries please email: contact@pinkyjangra.com