Mr Stick

A job is simply something you get paid for. But your 𝗝𝗼𝗯 has nothing to do with money and has[...]
75. Almost Bought This For Myself Today! 
Sure, it's for kids. But, I need a worry eating monster in my life! 👹 Not because i have a lot to[...]
74. The Next Stage Of Human Evolution
THIS IS THE WORK... the next stage of our evolution. We've evolved the outer world drastically, but people are now[...]
73. Why Wounds Lead To Wisdom
It seems that deep pain forces one to look inside themselves for answers, because nothing outside can ease the suffering.[...]
72. 2018: Time To FOCUS!
Big lesson for me in the last 6 months: FOCUS!! Focus on what YOUR soul wants to experience and achieve.[...]
71. I Get Jealous Of People Sometimes
That’s hard to admit because jealousy is not a pleasant trait. But, I’m here to talk to you as a[...]

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