Mr Stick

64. Why Others Have No Right To Judge You – And Vice Versa
👉 Why aren’t you chasing your dreams? You only get one crack at this life! 👉 Why are you so sensitive and[...]
63. There Is No Strength Without Struggle
If you’re a gym goer you’ll know that it’s hard work to build your body strength, stamina and muscle. Often[...]
62. Are You Hiding?
Behind aesthetics like makeup, fancy clothes and possessions? 💅Behind words like ‘I’m fine’ and behaviours like false confidence and fake smiles? 😬 Behind[...]
61. The Misconception About Living In The Moment
Live for the moment! 😀 You only get one life! 😀 Enjoy yourself! 😀 Yep – we all like to[...]
60. Bouncing Back From Life’s Challenges Is Natural To You
You cut the grass. And it grows. 🌱You cut the grass. And it grows. You pull the weeds. 🌿 And[...]
59. How Happy/ Productive/ Successful Would You Be If You Did This?
👇👇👇 Look at everything in your life – past, present and unknown future. And ACCEPT IT. ✔️ Look at the people[...]

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