11. Why using the word ‘try’ could stop you achieving your goals

Acheiving your goals. Remove the word 'try' from your vobulary. Pinky and Her Brain

I’m so ashamed of failing at things that I think I’m good at or things that mean something to me. I’m not fussed about failing other things; watch me fail at rock climbing – I’m too physically weak and scared of heights, or trying to navigate directions – the part of the brain does this, … Read more11. Why using the word ‘try’ could stop you achieving your goals

4. Is anything possible in your life?

The universe is made of infinite possibility. Pinky and Her Brain

When we want something our minds usually decide a few ‘realistic’ ways in which it could come into being. Or, a few reasons why we can’t get it. Then, as we go along in our journey, sometimes stuff goes wrong. A spanner gets thrown in the works, a diversion in the road takes us down … Read more4. Is anything possible in your life?

3. Have you started yet?

There's never a perfect time to start something, start now! Achieve your goals. Pinkt and Her Brain

We all have things we want to do, to experience and to be. Starting your own business, a DIY project, a fitness regime, a relationship, a creative art, travelling – the list is endless. Unless there’s some serious reason why you can’t pursue these things, there’s only one question: HAVE YOU STARTED YET? Your clever … Read more3. Have you started yet?

2. Decision making made easy

Decision making made easy. If it's not a hell yeah, it's a no. James Altucher. Pinky and Her Brain

First up – I know sometimes we have to make decisions to do things that we may not jump at the prospect of doing – because we have responsibilities, people to take care of and so on. This is more about when you have a real choice. Whether that choice is about attending a social … Read more2. Decision making made easy