23. How to make positive thinking work for you

You cant jump from megative to positive. positive thinking. Pinky and Her Brain. Pinky Jangra

Some people are sceptical about positive thinking. It can come across that if you are really sad, you just have to think positive thoughts and suddenly you’ll become full of happy beans and everything in your life will magically improve. If that’s people’s understanding then I can see why they would be sceptical and why … Read more23. How to make positive thinking work for you

19. Law of Attraction my way!

Law of Attraction/ Manage your vibration not your situation/ Bentinho MAssaro/ Pinky Jangra. Pinky and Her Brain

Do you want to manifest something? Financial wealth, a new job, a flash car, a great relationship? Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? It states that you are a magnet attracting everything in your life. Except, unlike the traditional ‘north – south’ magnet where opposites attract, in the Law of Attraction, like attracts … Read more19. Law of Attraction my way!