10. Despite what the news says, I’m sure there’s always more love than hate

10. Despite what the news says, I’m sure there’s always more love than hate

The image of 3 year old Aylan, a Syrian refugee who washed up dead on a Turkish beach a short while back, is still etched in my mind. It makes me feel physically sick. My heart aches. And that’s only one story of many troubles in this world where humans, animals and nature are suffering. I can’t hack it, it’s painful for me to watch, to be part of this existence.

The only solace I can find in these times is that I do believe that for every one person who commits a heinous crime, there’s a many more people who raise their energy towards love in response to it.

  • Did you hear about the sweet souls who formed a human shield to protect hotel guests from the recent shootings in Turkey?
  • What about the trending hashtag #illridewithyou? This was posted by thousands in Australia to support Muslims fearing an Islamophobic backlash after a lone gunman held hostages in a Sydney café.
  • I just heard that there’s a recent initiative to set up ‘Airbnb for asylum seekers’ spreading across Europe.
  • And a man in India who has single handed been planting trees since 1979 has catalysed the thriving of a beautiful forest twice the size of Central Park. Amazing!

Look for it. Look for the helpers. Look for the acts of kindness. Look for those demonstrating what it truly is to be human. To be connected with all life. To love. Don’t let mainstream media suck you into it’s pit of fear, hatred and despair.

Keep looking. <3

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