5. Just choose the thing that makes you feel a little better

5. Just choose the thing that makes you feel a little better

An estimated 1 million people across the globe commit suicide every year – that’s about 1 death every 40 seconds (World Health Organisaton).

If someone’s suicidal, what are you going to do? Tell them to meditate, observe their feelings, remain in the seat of awareness and realise that they are part of a cosmic oneness of pure eternal love?

I don’t know how you make suicidal people better. But I’d guess the above isn’t going to hit the mark with someone suffering probably the severest depression that you could have.

Perhaps things like allowing them to really express their emotions in a safe non-judgemental environment could be a start. Giving them as much unconditional love, compassion and kindness as possible. Somehow just making them feel a teeny weeny glimmer of hope that tomorrow might be a better day – or that the next minute might be a better minute.

What am I going to do if I realise I have persistent underlying insecurity and lack of self-worth, due to childhood experiences? (Which I do). An appropriate response could be therapy to tease out and re-wire the conditioned thinking and behaviours don’t serve me. But I don’t need help to see a glimmer of hope in the next minute (thankfully).

What if your friend is having a bad day? Are you going to recommend psychoanalysis and therapy? Or a good cry (that’s an option for men too!) and a chat to release any pent up emotions? Perhaps some form of meditation to quieten an overactive and anxious mind?

Three key things:

  1. Everyone’s challenges are different
  2. Even when the challenges are similar, two people may deal with it differently.
  3. Whatever the challenge, we can’t expect to get from A – Z in a single leap, just get to B first.

So where’s YOUR starting point and what works to get YOU to the next step?

Be open to options – I use all manner of ways to develop myself. I think that’s reflected on my Facebook page. Over time my posts range from spiritual, psychological, scientific or philosophical, to motivational, heart-warming or funny. Sometimes a deeply spiritual moment gets me to step B. Sometimes it’s a high energy motivational pep talk.

As far as I’m concerned, these are all appropriate for helping me develop myself. I use them all, depending on where I’m at and therefore what I need. Overall it really is as simple as getting to know yourself and choosing the thing that makes YOU feel a little better.


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