9. Why ‘I’m too busy’ should be eradicated from our vocabulary

9. Why ‘I’m too busy’ should be eradicated from our vocabulary

Have you ever had that thing where someone says to you ‘Sorry I didn’t reply to your message, I’m so busy’?


I do this bullsh*t too. Sometimes ‘I’m too busy to go to the gym’. Or ‘I just didn’t have time to work on a personal project’. Or ‘I’m too busy to meet up with someone’.

‘I’m too busy’ is a surface level excuse for the TRUTH.

Ever heard that saying ‘if something is important to you, you’ll make time for it’? I’m a firm believer in this. And whether you agree with that phrase or not, chances are your behaviour does agree with it. Check where you spend your time and energy – you’ll be doing the things that consciously or unconsciously, you believe are important to you.

So bar some really extenuating circumstances, when you say ‘I’m too busy’ the TRUTH is:

  • You simply don’t want to do that thing
  • There’s a finite amount of time and that thing does not make your priority list
  • You forgot to do that thing
  • Underlying fear is stopping you from doing that thing
  • ___________________(fill in the blank, if you have any more)

Firstly let me say – all of the above points are ALLOWED. You’re allowed to not want to do something, to have other priorities, to forget, or to be fearful sometimes.

But why bullsh*t about it? To yourself or others.

Every time you hear yourself making the excuse of not having time, I challenge you to stop and evaluate that for a moment. What’s the real truth? Ask yourself – why am I not making time to do this thing? And listen to the answer that comes from within.

If you’re truthful answer is ‘I don’t want to do it’ and you’re happy with that – then crack on.

But what if you do want to do it, but it’s not coming high on your priorities? Check where you spend your time and energy. Have you really got things in the best order? What if the truth is that you’re scared of something? Spend time looking at that, figuring it out, overcoming it.

I’m realising as I type this, I could get myself into a whole heap of discomfort. Because now I know that when I say ‘I’m too busy’ to someone, if they’ve read this, they’ll know I’m bullsh*tting!

Wish me luck with that!! :-p

In the meantime – I challenge you to stop using the phrase ‘I’m too busy’!

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