2. Decision making made easy

2. Decision making made easy

First up – I know sometimes we have to make decisions to do things that we may not jump at the prospect of doing – because we have responsibilities, people to take care of and so on.

This is more about when you have a real choice. Whether that choice is about attending a social gathering, learning a new skill, taking a new job, starting/ ending a relationship, spending money on something, moving abroad etc. It’s all choices, decisions to be made.

So how do you make your decisions?

I could get into the complexities of how we decide what to do based on societal pressure, childhood conditioning, family opinions, belief systems and so on. All of that does play a role and is totally relevant. I think it’s really valuable to learn about how these things tick inside of you. Maybe I’ll write another blog/ do a video about that.

BUT, equally, I think we can keep it really simple:

When presented with a decision, HOW DO YOU FEEL? No – not how do you ‘think’, how do you FEEL?

Yes some thinking and logic may be applied, but that can be secondary to your initial intuitive feeling. Your feelings are talking to you, all the time.

  • What do you FEEL is right?
  • What’s your intuition, instinct telling you? (If you sense that you can’t hear/ feel yours, I recommend you start tapping into it quick time! Maybe I’ll do a video/ blog on how to do that.)
  • What’s the choice that makes you excited, inspired?
  • What pulls you?
  • What brings you consistent relief?
  • What ‘just makes sense’?
  • What do you just ‘know’ has to be done, or not done?
  • What feels authentic, light, freeing, unburdening, expanding?
  • What is unquestionable?
  • What needs no input from anyone but you and your own heart?
  • What is going so strongly in one direction that nothing could drag you from it?


In other words, if it’s not a ‘hell yeah!!’ it’s a ‘no’. It could be a ‘no’ due to timing, or maybe it really is a point blank no. Either way, why waste your time on it any further?

Regarding painful decisions, granted these are unlikely to leave you shouting ‘hell yeah!!’. But the same principle applies. Another way I’ve heard it expressed is that wild horses could not drag you away from doing these things.

As a sign off – if you are all ‘messy’ in mind, full of mental and emotional turmoil caused by overthinking – you’re less likely to be able to ‘hear’ the true ‘hell yeahs!’. So work on clearing that mind, and honing in on your intuition and inner guidance.

As a disclaimer – this post is not an invitation for people to go and do harmful, nutty things just because they thought it was a ‘hell yeah!’. Let’s be sensible 🙂

Inspired by James Altucher, Author of Choose Yourself

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