3. Have you started yet?

3. Have you started yet?

We all have things we want to do, to experience and to be. Starting your own business, a DIY project, a fitness regime, a relationship, a creative art, travelling – the list is endless. Unless there’s some serious reason why you can’t pursue these things, there’s only one question: HAVE YOU STARTED YET?

Your clever mind is ready with so many excuses of why you can’t start. It’s got them all prepped and ready to roll – they sneak in like ‘excuse ninjas’:

‘I have to do other more important things, right now’

‘I don’t feel motivated or inspired right now’

‘I’m just too busy, I don’t have time’

‘I’ll do this thing in the future, after I’ve done these other things’

‘It won’t work out anyway, I’m not good enough’

‘I’m not ready yet, it’s not the right time’

And before you know it, months turn into years passed and you still haven’t done this thing. Do you want that?

Fear not. Excuse ninja’s can be battled!

The weapon of the excuse ninja, is your thoughts. Oftentimes with any unwanted thought patterns, you can win by consciously changing your thoughts and practicing new thoughts over and over. But when it comes to excuses I find that’s particularly hard. Excuses can be so ingrained, second nature, sometimes you don’t know you’re making them and you really believe them.

So these ninjas are super sneaky. But just as you can’t put out a fire by dousing it with more fire, maybe you can’t think your way out of thinking. We need another approach.


As soon as the excuse ninja starts creeping in you might start to ‘feel’ it – you don’t feel like working/ getting out of bed/ being creative/ going to the gym. Even if you don’t feel anything, you will then hear the excuses in your head.

THAT is where you immediately decide to cut your thoughts short and physically move yourself into action. GET up. OPEN that book. PUT on those trainers. MAKE that phone call. WRITE that page. DO IT. Keep moving, keep DOING, until your mind gives up. And it will give up.

Just make that start. You’ll be surprised what happens when you do – how things start to flow, how the energy starts moving. How the juices start flowing and it sets off the momentum, the creativity, inspiration and motivation. All you needed, was to get into the groove. So just start!

Oh but don’t forget, the excuse ninjas will come back for a while until you form solid new habits. So you have to keep taking action, a little or a lot, every single day, to keep them at bay.


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