12. Get in touch with the power of your intuition

12. Get in touch with the power of your intuition

Ever get that flash of genius just before falling asleep or whilst taking a morning shower? Or that niggling feeling about something or someone? Ever feel like something is just ‘right’ or ‘not right’?

That’s your intuition at work.

Intuition: “The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning”. It comes from late Middle English, denoting spiritual insight or immediate spiritual communication. OxfordDictionary.com.

Your intuition comes from a powerful intelligent consciousness that runs through everything in existence. It created the stars, the whole universe and all beings – including you. It’s your inner sat nav guiding you on your soul’s true path, the only path to real happiness and inner peace.

If you don’t agree with any of that, you might as well stop reading now :). If however, this resonates with you and you want to strengthen your intuitive guidance in life, (why wouldn’t you?!) then read on. It’s really very simple!

The best part about it is that we don’t need to ‘create’ our intuition, or ‘work on it’. It’s always there.
The challenge is hearing it. It doesn’t often scream and shout at you, especially if you are new to tuning into it. Intuition is gentle, soft, a little nudge, or what I like to call ‘the thought before the thought’ – the thing that speaks to you before the thinking mind has engaged. That, by the way, is why you get flashes of genius when falling asleep or having a morning shower – because your mind is not fully ‘on’. When the mind is out of the way, intuition can make its way through to your senses.

So what can you to do to get in touch with this powerful force?


The mind is so NOISY! Always talking on and on, analysing, critiquing, planning, worrying. It absorbs your focus and attention. Once you’re heavily sat within your mind, your other subtler senses become dumbed down. Those senses are where intuition is communicating with you – gut feelings, sensations, flashes of thought or images, or just a subtle ‘knowing’ about something.

To elevate these subtler senses, the mind needs to step down a few notches.

One way is to regularly divert your attention to things that do not need the mind. You’ll know what things work for you. For example have you ever tried to solve a complex problem or analyse something at the same time as getting totally lost in listening and dancing to music? Or when doing vigorous exercise or other physical activity? The mind shuts off in these situations which means you can’t ‘analyse’ anything. This leaves you open to much more powerful energies where the concept of ‘mental analysis’ is laughed at.

Other ways to shut off the mind include meditating, being in full flow with something creative, being in nature and close to animals.
Whatever you choose to try – keep it consistent. When you’ve spent decades of life stuck in your head, you need to train yourself into new way of being. Keep going and PAY ATTENTION to what arises within.

Of course it’s great to have intuitive insight, whether or not you act on it is up to you! But once you start trusting and acting on it, the magical outcomes will give you the realisation that it’s the only way to live.

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