18. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

18. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

Honestly, I believe gratitude can be life transforming. Appreciating things that make you feel good, makes you feel good. It positively affects your energy, this then affects your world because we are primarily energetic beings so your vibe attracts your tribe and your life experience.

For gratitude to improve our lives, we have to be grateful about things that actually carry some emotional weight. The thought must induce certain chemicals to be released into your body, and these chemicals affect how you feel, i.e. they create positive energy and emotion. Only once you FEEL it, does it become a powerful force that affects your life experience.

Here’s a few things that come to my mind that we can be grateful for:

  1. Health – it’s only when you lose this that you realise how important it is. I suffered flu for the whole of Christmas and New Year and it really got me down. Of course I know people who go through much worse. But it made me realise how precious is every single day that I’ve been lucky enough to wake up and feel simply great. Your body is a marvel and whatever you put it through it carries you through this life, tirelessly keeping you alive when it can. What magic! THANK YOU!
  2. Family – yeah they can be our most challenging relationships sometimes, but imagine if they were no longer there. Often they are the only people who will always be there. Even when I’m away from my family for a little while, I feel the gap left behind. Love and appreciate them with all your heart. What a BLESSING!
  3. Friends – the family we choose, such angels they are. They share their journey with us and what an honour that is. They support us, they are our cheerleaders, they share our troubles and soothe our souls, they make us laugh. And the best part about friends is that they do this out of choice. They weren’t forced into your life through biology, and they have the absolute choice to leave at any minute. But they don’t. They choose you and you choose them. So SPECIAL!
  4. Safety and security – a roof over our heads, bills are being paid and you don’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from. This is no small thing. I am so grateful for never having to worry about any of this stuff – because when these basic human needs are not met, you can’t even begin to travel up the ladder of life experience towards self-actualisation. We are so LUCKY!
  5. Art and entertainment – thank those beautiful people who share their soul through music, acting, any form of art that lights up our hearts. Imagine if we didn’t have these things – life would be so dull! Creativity is a life source that stirs our soul, that’s why we connect so deeply with it and it makes us feel great. I LOVE IT!
  6. Knowledge – be grateful of anything you have learned and those wonderful people who took time to teach you, whether face to face, through books, blogs, programmes, videos and so on. Knowledge entices our minds, feeds us mentally, breeds creativity and expansion. Without it we’d be like bricks, which doesn’t seem like much fun! It’s GREAT!
  7. Nature – whether scenery, plants, the weather, or animals, this is can be THE grounding force of our lives. Nature brings us so much all at once – awe, peace, fun, beauty, stillness, and a connection to unconditional love which is what we truly are. And we didn’t do anything to create it, it’s a gift from God. It’s my FAVORITE! ?
  8. The strangers who serve us – who built the roads, or your car? Who serves you coffee, drives the train you take, makes your clothes, cooks your restaurant meal or made your mobile phone? Most of the time these are people we’ll never meet – yet hundreds of people may have been involved in the process of serving YOU something you needed. This is AMAZING!
  9. You – in your full uniqueness. There’ll never be another you. The chances of it are 1 in 102,685,000. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be truly grateful for your own unique expression of life, rather than beating yourself up about things you want to change? The way you look, talk, think, move, express, it’s totally unique, only you can be you. You’re a MIRACLE!
  10. Emotions – all of them! They make us feel alive, even the crappy ones. Without them, we’d feel numb and deadened to life – that doesn’t sound like much fun! Emotions guide us, they let us know when we are on or off track, they allow us to connect to each other at a deeper level. They are the invisible thread stringing everything together. They are LIFE!

Ok so now what…? Now it’s time to implement! Frequently writing a gratitude list is a great way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Write down 10 things each morning that you are grateful for. Or perhaps at night you can write 10 things you appreciated about your day.

And EXPRESS your gratitude – it is even more powerful. Don’t just think it, say it! Especially if it’s involving another person. I often find myself simply saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!’ out loud for many things. Who am I talking to? Dunno!! Life, God, the Universe, Love, Myself. Whoever it is, I know they are listening ?

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