19. Law of Attraction my way!

19. Law of Attraction my way!

Do you want to manifest something? Financial wealth, a new job, a flash car, a great relationship?

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? It states that you are a magnet attracting everything in your life. Except, unlike the traditional ‘north – south’ magnet where opposites attract, in the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

This works on the basis that everything is made of energy. EVERYTHING. Studying the atoms that make up your body shows that at the smallest level, they are not physical matter, they are vibrating energy. Your thoughts vibrate energy which can be measured as electromagnetic signals. Your heart too has a very strong electromagnetic field – more powerful than that of the brain!

You are a field of energy. And so is everything around you as it’s all made of the same stuff. This world is energy.

Now think of oil and water – they don’t mix because they are different. Similarly, high frequency energy waves wont mix with low frequency energy waves.

As a Law of Attraction example, this means that if you want to manifest something that you like (positive, high energy wave), then you have to stop worrying about your lack of it (negative, low energy wave). From your negative standpoint, you can’t attract the positive circumstance you are looking for.

So, a lot of teachings will tell you to:

  • Frequently visualise this thing you want. Make it so real in your mind that you FEEL it.
  • Make a picture dream board of your desires and look at it with anticipation every day.
  • Act like it’s all here already, go look at flash cars in showrooms, journal about that great relationship.
  • Also, pay attention to the subtle undertones of negative thinking that will thwart your chances. Things like:

o   When is my stuff going to manifest?

o   It’s going to be hard work

o   I’m just not good enough

o   I’m being unrealistic

o   I’m desperate and unhappy without this thing in my life

These thoughts will keep your desires away from you.

Now I’m not saying that all that doesn’t work, it does. And for some people it’s the best way. I do manage my energy in terms of watching out for those negative thoughts, it’s important to figure out what works for you.

But here’s my way of using the Law of Attraction:

  • Find out what excites you in life, express that in every moment possible, then watch the Law of Attraction work on everything else.

This approach is about ‘self-actualisation’, a desire in all humans to reach and express their full potential (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

This is about achieving deep, individual fulfilment. It’s not about cars and money, it’s about YOU. Knowing what motivates you, knowing your soul’s path, your truth, and continually working on, growing and actualising that. It’s not about ‘things’, it’s about ‘doing’ and ‘being’. It’s less about what you want, and more about what you are.

Self-actualisation is different for everyone, it’s whatever things excite, motivate and inspire you. Excelling at your job, helping the needy, being the best mother and raising wonderful children; It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that it’s true for you and you make it your priority to live it as much as possible.

When you do this, you are aligning your energy to the frequency of your soul. You’ll know this by how it feels – exciting, inspiring, creative, fulfilling, expanding. These are high energy vibrations.

And that’s where the Law of Attraction comes in. Because you are on a high energy vibration, you attract high energy vibrations to you. Things like love, abundance, joy, bliss, ease, faith, courage, success, worthiness. These are all positive, attracting forces.

It’s no co-incidence that people who are self-actualising and shining bright in the world of their craft – whether business, art, science, technology, philosophy, psychology, or sport attract a lot of material and experiential abundance. And I’m sure there are many that society doesn’t idolise – the old lady down your road who self-actualises in her ability to connect with other people and nurture relationships. She may attract and experience love in way that we don’t even know is possible. Not all wealth is glitter and gold.

For me, I focus on self-actualisation every day, working on my craft and keeping my energy high and aligned with my soul. The results are pretty magical – I’m soon getting a blog published on a website that has over a million readers. Another popular website invited me to blog for them. Now these are all things I want, but I didn’t overly think about them, visualise them or dream board them. I do make plans and work hard, but ultimately I just manage my energy and let the rest come to me.

So if any of that approach resonates with you, I recommend you give it a try. Start small – when you find out what self-actualisation means to you, you don’t have go crazy and try and figure out how to make these things your entire life. Just do a little something each day, get the energy flowing in the right direction. And see what happens.

And let me know if you have success!! I hope you do ?

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