20. Competing with others is not the way to win

20. Competing with others is not the way to win

The way I see it is that I’ve got 100% of my energy in a pot. Any energy I spend comparing myself to others, looking deeply at what they do and have, worrying about them being better than me, trying to beat them, is less energy I have to focus on myself. My pot is being depleted.

To me, my energy is better spent using my own unique strengths to fulfil my own dreams regardless of what anyone else is doing. Plus when you’re working so hard at being the best you – no one can compete. Because only you can be you! This is how I roll.

As a result, the achievements and opportunities that have arisen for me over many years have been pretty awesome. Other people looked at me and said, how did she manage that? Why did she get it, and not us? I got it because I know myself, I know what drives me, and I’m hell bent on being the best me.

One of my favourite, very successful and inspiring entrepreneurs also follows this rule. Gary Vaynerchuk may know tiny bits about what his competition is doing here and there, but he spends ZERO time on them. ZERO. He’s all about himself, his team, his success. And he wins.

I think this can even be seen in competitive sports. Successful sports people have a strong motivation to be the best, as opposed to beating others. I know that sounds like nonsense because being the best in competitive sports IS about beating other people. But there’s a subtle difference in beating someone because you focussed on beating them, and beating someone because you focussed so hard on bringing your A game and excelled yourself. The latter is where the real magic happens.

Whether in business or personal life, being driven by your own inner fulfilment is supremely powerful because your energy is being spent on you – the only thing you can really affect.

The currency of your life is your energy. You get to choose where you spend it. Spend it in the right place.

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