21. Want to experience true love? Do this.

21. Want to experience true love? Do this.

True love between people is the absence of conditions. It’s full acceptance of someone as they are in the present moment. It’s giving without desiring any kind of return. It’s about the other person’s happiness, not yours. It’s a beautiful thing!

Every day we get a chance to experience this and it’s not in the way you might expect. We often believe that true love can only be experienced with people we know intimately and for a long time.

Actually, we can experience the truest of love, with strangers.

Have you ever helped a stranger? Maybe you bought food for a homeless person, helped an elderly person along their way or looked after a lost child. Have you ever paid for a stranger’s coffee, had a meaningful conversation with someone you don’t know, or volunteered to help the needy? Perhaps you lifted the frown of someone who looked down? And have you looked into the eyes of the person you are helping? Do it.

What you’ll find is that the beauty of these interactions comes from the fact that you know nothing about these people other than their humanness in this present moment. You don’t expect them to give you anything in return, you simply give for the sake of giving. And when you truly connect with them (hence the comment about looking into their eyes), these interactions are so pure and enlightening. They are the epitome of true love.

And that’s why it feels so good. That’s why we love to see stories of ‘random acts of kindness’ – because something in us resonates with the deep truth that this is how life SHOULD feel. This is how we SHOULD treat each other.

Being on the receiving end of a stranger’s kindness is equally beautiful because their energy of love radiates so you’ll feel it too.

So next time you get a chance to help, to be kind, to give to someone you don’t know – I hope you do it. See how it feels, see how you connect with that person on a deep, profound level. See how it shines the light of true love. It can be life changing. ❤

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