22. The 30’s midlife crisis, or beautiful realisation?

22. The 30’s midlife crisis, or beautiful realisation?

A best friend of mine is going through that thing – you know that thing where you start questioning what you are doing with your life? Whether your current career is really all there is? You know it’s not making you fully happy and you feel that inner squirm telling you something’s up. I know many people going through this.

And what did my friend call it? A midlife crisis.

I notice more people are having this ‘crisis’ at a younger age, around the 30’s. I did the same with Pinky and Her Brain. Even though I knew with every fibre of my being that this is what I needed to pursue, I still found myself ‘justifying’ and ‘dismissing’ it as a mid-life crisis on occasion.

There’s so much negativity attached to this term, the age old image of the 40 year old who buys a leather jacket and a motorcycle or sports car. It implies you’ve lost the plot and gone a bit loopy.

When in fact, you have done the opposite.

You’ve lived enough life to know what’s up. And you’ve lived enough faking to know what’s true.

Your soul is telling you that change is afoot. The time is now. You are growing, you are yearning to express your unique truth as opposed to the fakery that society tells you to live.

It’s ok. It’s more than ok. It’s a bloody blessing! If you take this opportunity to make change, you have a chance to thoroughly enjoy the next half of your life – because when you follow your truth, joy abounds.

I don’t know where the idea came from that ‘changing’ is a bad thing. It feels very fear based. Perhaps it’s from older generations where financial security was hard to come by, it was the number one priority and the norm was to have one job your whole life.

But we don’t live in that world anymore, so it’s time to re-write the script.

Opportunity abounds us these days, we’re a lucky generation. We are largely secure – how many of you reading this are struggling to put food on the table or don’t have a roof over your head? Very few. The number of industries and companies to work for is huge. The opportunity to learn new skills or take control of your own employment and income is massive thanks to the internet.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss your inner guidance as a midlife crisis. It’s a beautiful realisation and an opportunity to make the rest of your precious time here on earth so much more fulfilling. Be grateful and take the opportunity!

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