23. How to make positive thinking work for you

23. How to make positive thinking work for you

Some people are sceptical about positive thinking. It can come across that if you are really sad, you just have to think positive thoughts and suddenly you’ll become full of happy beans and everything in your life will magically improve.

If that’s people’s understanding then I can see why they would be sceptical and why it wouldn’t work. Understanding these 3 missing parts of the equation will make positive thinking work for you:

1)      A positive thought without feeling, has no power

We have tons of thoughts every day, not all of them evoke emotion in us. Many inert thoughts come and go e.g. “I’m going to brush my teeth”. Or perhaps they seem more emotional, “I’m really happy for you” you say to be polite, but you don’t really feel anything.

Like little fluffy clouds these inert thoughts pass by. A positive thought that doesn’t make you feel anything has little power because FEELINGS are what impact your life.

“I’m really happy for you” you say, and a warm fuzzy feeling fills you inside. This thought has affected your inner chemistry, caused a reaction in you and affected your energetic field. These thoughts don’t float by like fluffy clouds, they stop and anchor inside us for a while.

If you understand the Law of Attraction (see 19. Law of Attraction my way! ), you’ll know that this emotional energy is your point of attraction and therefore affects your outer world. Feeling is what makes change happen.

2)     A positive thought with a negative feeling, will only attract more negative

Because feeling is what affects your life, you can think positive all you like but if you still FEEL like crap inside, then crap is what you’ll get.

Now, you can ‘fake it till you make it’. Keep thinking positive until you start to believe it and feel it, I think this can work for some people. Alternatively you might need to consider if you are attempting the impossible because…

3)     You can’t quantum leap from negative to positive (sorry!)

Between depression and bliss are a lot of ‘in between’ emotions, like a bridge to be walked before you get to the other side.

If you’re miserable about being stuck in a dead end job. Instead of thinking “I AM going to get my dream job” and trying to believe it, reach for something closer and more believable like “there’s lots of great jobs out there”. This hopeful thought is more likely to anchor within you and create positive feelings.

Once you’re anchored in hope, you might feel able to reach for a little anticipation, “I look forward to getting a great job”. And so on, step by step you raise your emotional energy and point of attraction. Things in your life will start to reflect this new state, and soon “I AM going to get my dream job” becomes more believable, makes you feel more positive and will affect your life.

Rather than ‘positive thinking’, call it ‘BETTER thinking’ or ‘positive FEELING’.

Working yourself up what has been termed ‘the emotional scale’ is how positive thinking and feeling actually works and impacts your life for the better. A lot of people are not aware of this. Take time to become self-aware about how you really feel, what thoughts you really believe and working from this truthful place, positive thinking CAN change your life!

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  1. Love it, Pinky. I shared this to my facebook page. You’re right a quantum leap from negative to positing thinking doesn’t just suddenly happen. The way I see it, it just takes practice and sometimes – dare I say – effort! Effort to see things in a different light. Effort to practice finding the positive instead of remaining stuck in old ways of negative thinking. But more importantly it’s about practicing, taking little steps at first, being just a little more hopeful, a little more optimistic, and over time it will get better and the quantum leap might then be possible. We’re talking about reprogramming our brains, it’s something that just takes time and repetition. – Eric

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