24. Ten emotions of happiness!

24. Ten emotions of happiness!

We all just want to be happy right? But what does that really mean and how do we achieve it? Barbara Frederickson has come up with 10 emotions of happiness.

This is awesome because it makes the concept of happiness more tangible. It helps us find specific things to do and experience that will increase our happiness. Who wouldn’t want that?!

So let’s see what they are:

  1. Gratitude

A genuine sense of thankfulness is so beautiful. Write gratitude lists daily, write a gratitude letter to someone, thank someone to their face, or just be grateful in your mind whenever you can. Happiness through gratitude most often comes from the things that we take for granted each day. There’s endless stuff to be grateful for! Just OPEN YOUR EYES! AND your heart! 😀

  1. Inspiration

I think this is my favourite word ever! It means to be ‘in spirit’. Where better to be?! My work on Pinky and Her Brain is one of the things that brings me into my spirit. Here, happiness comes from a deep sense of being in the zone, being creative, authentic, expressive, dynamic and alive. But what does inspiration mean to you? And what makes you feel it? Seek it and be it.

  1. Awe

I reeeaaaally love this feeling of wonder and magic! Seeing beautiful landscapes, nature, animals and looking up at the starry night sky all make me feel awe. Oh and even more amazing is when you get in tune with the wonder of life itself, the pure consciousness at the core of everything. Here, the mind is blown, the heart expands and the soul sings. It’s just WOW! When was the last time you looked at life and said ‘WOW!’?

  1. Amusement

The first thing that comes to mind is the silly giggles we have with other people! Who doesn’t love to laugh?! Amusement could also be anything that entertains you. We’re lucky to live in a time where entertainment is abundant, so there’s no excuse if you’re feeling a little flat. Go find a funny movie and be amused! Most of all, be amused at yourself. I once heard “the human body is 90% water, so we are basically cucumbers with anxiety” ?.

  1. Serenity

Nature ticks this for me. The peace, the stillness, the space. SO perfect! I also feel serenity through meditation, yoga, chilling out with a good book or getting a massage. Anything that brings you into a sense of peace and stillness is a source of great happiness. In our busy, bustling, noisy lives, could there be anything more important and therapeutic?

  1. Interest

What makes you curious, inquisitive? What leaves you wanting to know more? I learn about the things that interest me every single day. What fires up your neurons? Make these things part of your life through a small act like reading a book or even just one article, getting to know a person who interests you, or a bigger act like taking a course or changing jobs. Do what you need to keep your curiosity alive!

  1. Pride

This is a funny one because we often think it’s a bad thing, like having a big ego. But pride is not the same as arrogance (although Microsoft synonyms would have you believe otherwise!). It’s about feeling genuinely accomplished in your own right, about yourself, your life, work, family and so on. If you feel like there’s little to be proud of, I don’t believe you! I’m proud when I make it to the gym 3 times a week, or when I cook something that doesn’t taste like sh*t. ? List your achievements often.

  1. Joy

What makes you feel pleasure? How often do you do those things and bask in the joy? There are so many sources of joy in our lives! Cuddles with pets, being with friends and family, laughing a lot, great meals, intimate moments, being kind, smiling at strangers, helping the needy, being creative, travelling, sunbathing, pursuing your dreams – we could go on I’m sure! Take time to think about what brings you joy and consider how you can experience those things more often. ?

  1. Hope

To me, hope is a feeling of trusting life itself. Whether life is up, down or milling along nicely, I always try and remember to trust life and wherever it’s taking me. When times are tough, trusting that things will get better is key to being happier during the struggle as well as inviting the future goodness to make its way to you. A life without hope sounds pretty empty to me!

  1. Love

This one could be a whole blog in itself! (As perhaps they all could… in fact that’s a super idea!). I really hope everyone has love in their life in some form, I think it’s crucial not just to our happiness but also our physical and psychological wellbeing. What do you really love, who do you really love? In my view, the essence of your spiritual nature IS love in its purist form. Give love, receive love, but most of all BE love.


So there you have it! This was pretty long so I’m not going to write any more other than to wish YOU much happiness! ? ❤

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