28. Hello Beautiful. :)

28. Hello Beautiful. :)

Hello beautiful ?

I’m not talking to the one who has a pretty face, or a hot bod. Yeah sure we all appreciate those things. But I’m not talking to the one who takes endless selfies. I’m not talking to the one who struts around thinking they are ‘all that’ because of their looks. Especially when those looks were simply a gift from God – sorry, but you get no credit for that!

(Side note – all credit due to those who work hard on maintaining a certain physical appearance!)

I’m talking to the one who feels insecure but puts on a brave face.

The one who feels ugly but gets up and goes out every day.

The one who searches for things to be grateful for, even in the face of misery.

The one who’s heart is broken but face keeps smiling.

The one who feels unworthy but keeps trying.

The one who’s totally lost but still keeps walking.

The one who’s so busy looking after everyone else, that they never have time for themselves.

The one who’s been let down, and finds it hard to trust.

The one who feels inadequate, no matter what they do.

The one who feels ‘different’ but is told to ‘fit in’.

The one who knows their truth, but hides it for fear of judgement.

The one who’s ashamed, even though they have nothing to be ashamed of.

You’re tired. Confused. Uncertain. Yet, your eyes still open each and every morning and you have to face it all over again.

There’s a reason for that. You’re meant to be here. You are MEANT to be here. You’re real. You’re alive. You’re strong. You’re beautiful.

I see you.

And I just wanted to say hello. ❤

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