29. One Question To Quickly Release Stress

29. One Question To Quickly Release Stress

I’m good at stressing about the minute details of my life. And sometimes I struggle to release that stress.

I’m running a workshop tomorrow and my business cards were printed in the wrong colour. STRESS BOMB!!

I worried about how many ‘likes’ I got on my last blog – was it too ‘deep’? Did it make me look depressed?

I’m worrying about messing up my workshop. I’m worrying about what dress I’m going to wear for it – what will hide my belly and my inevitable anxiety induced sweating. ? I’m sure that painted a nice picture for you haha.

These things felt BIG and IMPORTANT!

I was getting quite overwhelmed with the workshop stress until a dear friend helped me step back and zoom out…

I’m on a huge rock, spinning at 1000 miles per hour, circling a huge ball of fire, in an infinite vastness of space. I’m amongst countless galaxies and I don’t really have a damn clue why I’m here. At some point I’m going to die and my life will be but a memory for people I leave behind. I am infinite, eternal, pure consciousness. But what’s is this all for? Is it even real? What the f**k is this?!

Yet here I am, stressing about the colour of my business cards.

Does it really matter?

Of course being with people we love, matters. The way we express our truth, matters. The way we love ourselves and each other matters. The joy in our hearts matters. Being good people matters.

BUT a lot of stuff, really doesn’t matter. And it’s that stuff that usually causes us most stress. The little daily problems, or the ‘seemingly important’ parts of life.

Being stuck in traffic, missing the bus, losing a sock in the wash, not getting ‘likes’ on your profile picture, not getting top marks on your work. Maybe you didn’t get the job you wanted on this occasion. Maybe you had a little argument because your spouse didn’t wash up. Maybe someone didn’t want to go on a date with you.

Does it really matter?

Will it matter in a weeks time? Will it matter in 6 months time? Will it matter in 5 years from now? Will it matter once I leave this planet?

The subtlety of this question is that it’s not about becoming apathetic because ‘nothing matters’. It doesn’t mean to stop working hard, stop caring, stop chasing your dreams, stop being kind, stop loving, stop improving yourself.

BUT, it does mean to let go, to surrender and to relax into this crazy existence that we are all part of.

Release that stress, that tension that simply doesn’t serve you. Make your short time here on this magical planet more enjoyable by remembering that most things just don’t f**king matter! Trust me. No one’s going to notice that my business cards had a slightly darker tone of pink than I wanted!! So why stress?

Take things for what they are, let things go, let yourself off the hook and just keep going. Don’t sweat the small stuff because you are part of something huge.

And if you forget this? Go out of a clear dark night, and just look up. ❤

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  1. So true! Everything that may bother us is of a minute priority. I try to remind myself at least once a day to be grateful that something “went right”, that a few undesirable events in a day doesn’t make my life unworthy of living. There’s always tomorrow!

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