30. Just Laugh!

30. Just Laugh!

I had writers block for 2 days. I couldn’t think of anything to write about. I started and dropped about 10 blogs, nothing was working out. And as a result I was doing the opposite of laughing. ?

I asked for help with writers block on a Facebook group called Choose Yourself – for the followers of James Altucher. It’s a wonderful group of inspiring souls chasing their dreams in all industries and looking after themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As always they gave loads of great ideas AND they made me laugh!

It reminded me that this is the answer to so many tensions. JUST LAUGH!

I’m not saying we can whittle away all our lives problems with laughter, but I am saying that laughing has a wonderful effect on your body, mind, emotions and spirit. And to some extent, these are the only things we have some control over in life.

Laughing is a release, a reset button

Laughter brings back openness and balance to your being, which allows the beauty and strength of your soul to shine through. It cuts off the overthinking mind and lets you regain your connection to the power within. And in this instance for me, regaining that connection got my writing flowing again.

Any time you feel stuck, stressed, nervous, sad, frustrated, uncertain, down and out… could you regain some balance by finding a way to laugh?

They say kids laugh on average 400 times a day and adults about FOUR! These figures are debated, but I think we can all agree that most kids definitely laugh more than most adults.

Here’s some of the benefits of laughing:

  • It relaxes the whole body and relieves tension, reducing the level of stress hormones in your system
  • It boosts the immune system by activating particular immune cells, improving your resistance to disease
  • It triggers the release of endorphins, our natural feel-good chemicals which give an overall sense of well being
  • It protects the heart, gives the heart muscles a good work out and lowers blood pressure

It’s no wonder things like laughter yoga exist!

Laughter is never far away

I know sometimes it can seem hard to laugh. Spontaneous laughter is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t always come easy. There’s nothing wrong with needing to give laughter a little kick start, there’s always many things that can make us laugh:

  • Comedians and funny films – oh what the world would be without them. I’m so glad that at any time I want I can stick on a funny film or watch some stand up on YouTube.
  • Kids – these sweet angels are sure to get us laughing at everything and anything!
  • Animals – don’t they do the funniest things?! I can’t help but laugh every time my huge goofy Rottweiler tries to plant himself on my tiny lap! And if you haven’t got an animal or kid in your life, just head to YouTube.
  • Funny friends and family – I’m SO grateful for people who make me laugh. It’s one of the most attractive qualities in a person – a gift from God is to have someone around who can make you laugh.
  • Ourselves – let’s not take ourselves so seriously! Someone once said: ‘The human body is 90% water. So basically we are cucumbers with anxiety’. Pretty accurate description of me. Haha.

When there’s so much around to make us laugh, it’s a wonder that we don’t do it more often!

I’m going to make a promise to myself to laugh more. Why don’t you join me? ?

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