31. How To Reclaim Your POWER!

31. How To Reclaim Your POWER!

For most of my life I felt like I had no power

I could not be or do what I wanted because I had to be or do what everyone else wanted.

For me it was mostly those close to me that were moulding me to meet their expectations, but it’s happening everywhere – society, media, celebrities, teachers, governments – they all have their own ideas of what life should be like and how we should live it. Some of those ideas may work for you. But some wont.

I started realising that my beliefs were not my own, they were seeds planted by others. My decisions were not my own, they were driven by other people’s rules. Even my emotions were not my own, they were an involuntary reaction to the world around me.

Something deep inside me just wouldn’t settle for this mediocre, powerless, inauthentic existence.

That was many years ago and although I’m still on the journey, years of personal growth have taught me to take back my power. I now truly know myself and I honour myself each and every day. I am living according to my rules, I am building my own healthy state of mind and I am excited about life! I know that I’m deserving, worthy and powerful! And so are YOU!

My formula to living a powerful life: control + create + surrender


The only thing in life that we can really control, is ourselves. So learn to tune and play the instrument that you have been given to experience this life with. You mind, emotions, behaviours and spirit are all there for your use.

Through a gentle, conscious development of these faculties, we can drive our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours rather than letting them be dictated by the world around us. We can strengthen our powerful spirit and let it shine bright instead of being hidden under fear and shame.

We can stand strong like a mountain, rather than be tossed around like a pebble in the ocean.

It’s not always simple or easy, but it’s worth it!

You have to start making choices. Instead of choosing fear and hate because someone taught you to, choose courage and compassion. Instead of self-loathing because someone taught you to, choose self-love.

Maybe you have to work through your stuff, heal old wounds and erase conditioning that doesn’t serve you. Maybe you’ll meditate in order to draw in the powerful peace of uninterrupted presence. I do all of these, it’s like a gym for my invisible muscles!

And just as with working out our physical muscles, we get results. We get strength and control of ourselves that carries us through life like a boss.


Just look at the amazing amount of creation and diversity of life on this planet. You are part of it.

There is something very inherent in nature (and therefore in you) which is that it’s always creating. The act of creation is the movement, manipulation and transformation of powerful life energy. Creation is the root and reason of life. Life must grow, expand and evolve. And therefore, so must you.

Be creative

My creative expression includes my blogs, cartoons, videos and workshops. For you it might be cooking, sports or gardening. You can be creative in ‘non arty’ subjects – a computer programmer is still creating. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that you bring it forth from your heart, soul and intuition.

The magical thing about creativity is it that puts you in touch with the source of life. This is such a powerful place to be, especially if you understand the Law of Attraction. The energy you cultivate through creativity will influence the whole of your life.

You were given a creative spirit for a reason – use it!

Live creatively

This means living from a place of inspiration, spontaneity and moment by moment evolution of your life. A seed doesn’t obsess about the tree it’s going to become, it just grows. Be that seed! Do things for the sake of experiencing them, not just as a means to an end.

This is the opposite of what we have been taught. We are told to logically plan ahead and then take action to ‘make’ everything happen the way we planned. How’s that working out for you?

Of course we do have to plan some things and think ahead, but perhaps we can do it less. Too many attempts to force the direction of our lives makes life rigid and dull.

Remember, you are nature. Does nature look rigid and dull?


Surrender is the art of letting go of outcomes, timings and expectations. It’s submission to something greater – be it God, consciousness, pure love, energy, infinite intelligence or source.

When I look at the past and future, the fact is that I had and have, NO idea what’s going to happen. I don’t feel like I have any choice BUT to surrender! I have no choice but to let go of control because to be honest, I never had control in the first place!

How many things in your life have panned out in ways that you never could have imagined? How many unexpected curve balls has life thrown you? When you look back, can you see how the steps you have taken – however baffling they were at the time – are so beautifully woven together into a tapestry that now just… makes sense?

There’s got to be something greater going on here

And that thing is not separate from us, it is inside us. Perhaps it’s so infinitely intelligent that most of us can’t directly experience it in these bodies. I just feel like I know it’s there, working its magic and taking care of me in every second. To that, I surrender.

So it’s a fine balance of:

  • Working to have more control of our thoughts, behaviours and emotions
  • Harnessing life’s pure and powerful source energy, by being creative and living creatively
  • Allowing infinite intelligence to work its magic on the bigger picture

I hope it’s helped you to think about how you live your life, and perhaps realise that you have more power than you think…

Don’t shy away, now. This is yours for the taking.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”.

Marianne Williamson.

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    • Hi Samptath, that’s super cool to hear! 😀 Glad it helps. If you use this particular piece/ model in your work, I would really love to know how you get on with it, and any success stories you might have! Keep shining 🙂 xx

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