42. The Most Joyous People Have Been Through The Worst Sh*t!

42. The Most Joyous People Have Been Through The Worst Sh*t!

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman the other day. She must have been in her 50’s or 60’s and she exuded great joy, love and positive energy. I instantly loved her and I was already hoping that I’d get to meet her again!

Later she shared some stuff… in her life she had been raped. Understandably, she didn’t share details but reading between the lines it was possibly in her childhood. Later in life she was an alcoholic and it sounded like she had been through decades of trauma, grief and struggle stemming from her abuse.

Yet, this woman sitting in front of me now was so full of genuine love, life and laughter! Somehow, she had transformed deep grief into great joy.

When you think about it, she’s not the only one. Looking towards the celebrity world as an example, we can see many people who have experienced immense trauma and still soared to great heights.

On paper, I too should be miserable as f*ck

I’ve got traumas and I’m surprised I didn’t end up on drugs and whatever else! But I actually spend a lot of my life feeling genuinely happy, deeply grateful and positive.

Of course I have challenges, insecurities and fears, of course sometimes I feel low and unhappy. I am a human! But, I also experience a profound connection to life and a feel a heightened awareness and joy that comes from the littlest things. I feel the magic of life, often quite intensely and I LOVE it!

You see, what I believe is that the darker the room, the brighter the shine of the candle. The darker the night sky, the brighter the stars. You just have to start looking up.

Take off your armour

Whether you’ve had a fine and dandy life or not, life will have taught you to armour up in one way or another. To be ‘strong’, to follow certain ‘rules’ and hide certain parts of yourself. You probably don’t even know you’re doing it.

If you’ve had serious trauma and grief your armour is probably extra thick! It’s not just a light covering of chainmail. You’ve got a cast iron vest, a shield, a helmet and probably a sword too! But when you’re healing your trauma, when you grieve, you HAVE to take all that shit off!

You have to get to the soft, squishy parts of yourself. The vulnerable parts, the pure, innocent parts. The part that is truth. It is love. It is spirit. It is profound.

It is you.

It is incredibly gentle, yet it is stronger than the armour your were previously wearing. And, because the armour is no longer blocking your way, your connection to life and all that lives becomes much greater. Your are more sensitive. You feel more. And that’s how you reach those profound, joyous heights.

Life is like a trampoline, the harder you fall, the higher you bounce

So whatever you have been through or are going through – can you see how this picture is being painted? Can you see how the music of your life requires both the high and low notes?

Can you peel off the armour and get to the beautiful truth below? What you will find will take you to levels of joy that many people don’t even touch. And believe me, you want to feel that!

So don’t be afraid

Grieve, heal and process everything…

Face it all. Let it come out…

But keep looking up…

Keep shedding the armour…

Keep getting lighter and keep soaring…

…I’ll meet you amongst the stars.

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