45. Have You Made THE Decision To Change Your Life?

45. Have You Made THE Decision To Change Your Life?

I notice that many of us want change, but we are not doing the one thing essential to making change happen.

Imagine you’re helping me move house (so kind). You’re carrying a huge and heavy box and I ask you to bring another box in first (annoying, I know). You can’t carry both, they are too big and heavy. And only you can carry these boxes. What would you do?

Answer: put down the first box and take the other one. Right?


Because in order to carry the new, you have to stop carrying the old.

Of course I’m not talking about boxes here, I’m talking about life! In order to create change and therefore experience something new, something different, we have to:

  1. Let go of whatever we were doing before and,
  2. Pick up the thing we now want to do.

Sound so simple, but people don’t do it!

They say: I want to change career, whilst clinging to the comfort zone of their current job.

They say: I want to overcome my past traumas, whilst clinging to the victimhood of their history.

They say: I want to travel the world, whilst complaining that they don’t have time or money to do it.

We can talk about change until we are blue in the face, it won’t happen until you make a firm, deep and unwavering decision to let go of the past and look towards the future. You have to make THE decision to change your life.

THE decision to change is not lip service

It’s not just talk. It is a powerful inner focus, a conviction and determination. THE decision says: change is my priority and it must happen.

It might come from a place of being excited about a new future or wanting to get away from a crappy past. Doesn’t matter. Point is, it’s a REAL decision, it’s THE decision. And it is what starts the ball rolling on change.

Change is hard

It’s not easy to change from reciting the past to writing your future. To go from being your own biggest critic to your own biggest cheerleader. To go from doubting your dreams to delivering them. It requires effort and action, and must begin with a change in mind-set by making THE decision.

I wish you the courage to make it. And if you ever need a reminder, just remember this:

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision” Tony Robbins

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