46. Own Your Insecurities Like A Boss

46. Own Your Insecurities Like A Boss

I’m going to pitch an idea to you:

Own your insecurities and they will disappear.

The fact is that what you resist persists. So what if you stop resisting, fighting against and hating on your own psychological and emotional challenges? What if you own all parts of you, accept all these parts of you?

In the same way that you might fully accept a win – like a good piece of work you did, can you fully accept your fears and anxieties? Can you say ‘YEAH! That’s me!’?

YEAH, I’m lacking in confidence sometimes!

YEAH, I’m feeling depressed!

YEAH, I’m not the sharpest tool in the box!

YEAH, I am all of these things. Because I am a human being!


The paradox is that when you OWN you insecurity, you lessen the power of your insecurity. Because you’re not insecure about it anymore.

Perhaps the issue is not the insecurity itself, but the label of negativity we put on it.

Why is it so bad to lack confidence? Why is it so awful to feel not good enough sometimes? Why are we so ashamed of these feelings?

Doesn’t every single person on the planet feel some of this stuff at least once, if not much more? Is it not totally human?

Don’t see these things as bad, wrong or negative. See them as normal and human. Just as a leopard doesn’t hate its spots and an elephant doesn’t hate its trunk, perhaps we can stop hating totally natural parts of ourselves.

Own yourself like a boss!

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