47. You Are Not Alone In Your Struggle

47. You Are Not Alone In Your Struggle

When we struggle in life we can feel very alone. Like there’s some special sack of suffering allocated specifically to us and only us. Poor us.

But all this viewpoint does is increase our suffering! And it’s NOT even true.

Let me tell you where I’m at:

I’ve been working on my own business for 8 months and I’m struggling big time – with branding, focus areas, monetisation, products and services, social media and even loneliness! It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I start to feel things like:

– Look at that other person who made a success out of their business. They are lucky.

– This is only hard for me, maybe I’m not good enough or smart enough.

– Other people know exactly what they are doing and succeed faster than me.


The more I open myself up to entrepreneurial communities, the more I see other people have been and are going through the exact same challenges as me.

This goes for everything in life. Relationship problems and breakups, hating your job, having no money, feeling unfulfilled, anxiety, depression, not fitting in, childhood trauma, having no friends, health issues… whatever you struggle with – it’s not just you!

You are a human being experiencing humanness

This is really important to grasp deep within your being. You are not special in your sufferings. I don’t mean that in a horrible or uncompassionate way, I mean it in a way that I hope will release you from a heavy burden.

Once you really get that the suffering and struggle is normal human life, you release the tensions around it. The self-beating, the feelings of unluckiness and unworthiness can all be let go. Because they are false ideas based on the false belief that life should be another way, that life shouldn’t be a struggle, that YOU shouldn’t struggle.

Why shouldn’t you? You’re human. It’s part of the deal. It may not be a fun part, but it is a part none the less!

And here’s the flip side

If a person is not special in their struggle and suffering, then a person is also not special in their success. If we all suffer because that’s what humans do, then we can all reach success – because that’s what humans do! That’s what YOU do, you magical being!

We rise, we fall, we rise again. This is the ebb and flow of life. Don’t fight it. Let it flow. We’re all flowing together. See you downstream. 🙂

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  1. This makes me happy!!! Love your work!! You are making a difference. Even the simple quotes you have so easily turn my frown upside down. Thanks for the positivity we all sometimes so desperately need!!

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