53. Stop F*cking Faking Your Life

53. Stop F*cking Faking Your Life

Let’s have an honest and frank chat. How much fakery is at play in your life? By fakery, I mean that you’re living all/ some of your life in a way that isn’t actually what YOU want. It’s all being dictated by the outside world but doesn’t actually reflect YOU and your truth.

You’re a Doctor because your parents wanted you to be one. You’d rather bake cakes for a living.

Your buy expensive, fancy clothes because the magazines tell you to. But you can’t even walk in those shoes.

You believe that a 9-5 is a secure life because your family are doing it. But secretly you hate it.

You go to all the parties and gatherings because your friends are going. But you long to stay at home in your pyjamas.

You want to jack it all in and back pack around the world, but you’re worried people will call you a hippie if you did it.

You order the caviar because everyone at the table is eating it, but you think it tastes like crap.

Why the fuck?

Seriously, why?

Ok, I know why. Because being yourself is SCARY. Breaking the mould is SCARY. Going against the grain is SCARY. Taking a risk is SCARY!

I feel you. I’m with you.

But, would you rather be temporarily scared or constantly caged? Constantly tired, sapped of energy, resentful, stuck, annoyed, miserable, regretful, bored and stressed?

One life. That’s all we get (as far as I know!).

Enough faking.

2 thoughts on “53. Stop F*cking Faking Your Life”

    • Hey Adam 🙂 Yep I don’t think most people are faking something because they want to make it. More, faking stuff they don’t want to make! Which is quite bizarre when you think about it hehe. x

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