56. What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

56. What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

Excuse the cheesy imagery ? but, I hope it relays the message of this post. Which is that how you see yourself is pretty much how you will be. So how do you see yourself, dearest soul? ?

Most of us see ourselves in the way that we were taught to see ourselves. Sometimes that’s good – if we were taught that we are smart, talented, lovable, beautiful and capable. ?

On the other hand, what if you were taught that you were none of the above? That you were not good enough, not worthy, smart or talented. That you cannot achieve great things? ?


If we want to grow, we want to experience greater things and live a better life, then we have to change the way we see ourselves. We have to plant the seeds of possibility into our own hearts. ? Only then, can they become a reality.

I’m working on this myself at the moment. So many insecurities plague me every day. I’m often feeling ‘less’ than other people. Less worthy. Less capable. ? I have to train my brain every day to paint a new picture of me. A me that is confident, worthy and capable. ?


A lot of the successful people I study saw themselves being what they wanted to be in their minds eye, before they created it in their reality. Visualisation is powerful. ?

Your brain literally does what you tell it to do. Use your imagination to tell your brain what you want to create, how you want to live, who you want to be and how you want to feel. ?


It may sound fluffy – but it’s not. Plenty of science shows the power of visualisation. Athletes use it all the time. We can even see how the same brain centres fire up when you imagine yourself doing something as if you were actually doing it! Pretty cool huh? ? This is all part of brain training. It’s part of creating your life, rather than letting it be created for you based on past conditioning and limitations.


At first, your brain might not believe you. It might literally tell you to f*ck off when you dare to dream of a greater, even more amazing version of yourself. But don’t worry, with repetition, it will soon come round. ?

And, this isn’t about sitting on your ass and expecting an amazing life to come to you just because you imagined it.?
The athlete still has to run the race. You still have to get up and take action.

Visualisation plants the seed, YOU nurture it’s growth. ?

Many people struggle to imagine a better future, a greater version of themselves. In particular, people who experienced abusive childhoods can find it hard to shake the negative self image that was projected onto them. If this applies to you, join my private Facebook Group for dedicated support and information to help you build a wonderful future:


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