58. Meditation Is Changing My Experience Of Life

58. Meditation Is Changing My Experience Of Life

I have been meditating consistently now for about 10 weeks and it is AMAZING! ?

I always knew the benefits but I haven’t always kept up a consistent practise. Like most humans, I can find myself waiting until things get really unbearable before I make positive changes in my life. I wait until the shit hits the fan.


A while ago I was filled with stress, anxiety and confusion practically every day for a good few weeks. It was all consuming.

I didn’t know what I was doing with my work, what direction to go in, finances were a huge worry and overall I felt so gross. ?

I knew that this was not good for the mind or body. It’s an incredibly unhealthy way to live.? I couldn’t stand feeling that way every day. I couldn’t stand not being able to sleep at night, which made me feel worse in the day. Round and round it went. Not a merri-go-round, more of a worry-go-round! ?


I started with a nightly meditation, I now do a morning one too. Of course there’s been a few days here and there where I didn’t do it, or I fell asleep during it or just didn’t focus fully. But in most cases, it was great.

I use various guided meditations as I struggle to just sit in silence (at least for now). I use hypnosis style ones, visualisations and ones that guide you into silence. I like to mix it up. I’m always trying new stuff as well as keeping some solid favourites. What a blessing to be alive at the same time as YOUTUBE! God send. Amazing.?


Well I didn’t make a million quid overnight! ?So some stresses are still there – BUT, I deal with them much better.? I haven’t felt the same level of anxiety since.

I am more inspired, more positive, calmer and more faithful in life. My mind is much happier to be present rather than stress about the future. ?

I’ve got MUCH more clarity on the direction of my work and have attracted some amazing people into my life who are helping me along my way. ?Things are flowing. I’m getting stuff done rather than pissing about in my misery! I’m also starting to feel more confident in myself. Sure, I have some down days, but nothing like the downward spiral I was in a few months back. Overall I FEEL GOOD! ❤️

And ultimately that’s what it’s about. If you feel crap, you think crap, you act crap and you get crap results! This isn’t rocket science. ?


If there’s something you’re wanting – to overcome anxiety, get clarity, peace, calm, success, happiness or more positivity and self-esteem – just YouTube it. Look for the guided meditations. I tend to go with the ones that have most views/ ratings/ subscriptions. Or, if you want to sit in silence then just do that. ?

Start with something short if you’re lacking in time or think you can’t do longer. There’s even a one minute meditation! Whatever you want, it’s there. USE IT! EVERY DAY! ?

Let me know how it goes. ?

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