61. The Misconception About Living In The Moment

61. The Misconception About Living In The Moment

Live for the moment! ? You only get one life! ? Enjoy yourself! ? Yep – we all like to do that sometimes.
When we talk about living FOR the moment we’re usually talking about enjoying ourselves because ‘life is short’.
We go FOR that night of dancing and drinking ?? and deal with the hangover the next day. We go FOR that shopping spree ?? but don’t want to look at our bank account the next day.

Or, maybe there is no next day consequence – we simply enjoy ourselves. Cool! ?

I’m not saying don’t go shopping or partying. I’m not saying don’t live for moments of good stuff, happy times and pleasures. But just know that…


Living FOR the moment doesn’t offer the same profound, empowering experience that is available to you when you live IN the moment.?

Living FOR the moment involves going FOR something. Usually something that gives you pleasure. I mean, we’re hardly going to go FOR something that is crappy!

Sometimes, living FOR the moment even involves avoidance. Escapism. It can be an act of tossing things aside and saying ‘fuck it, I’m just going to live for the moment!’. (Meanwhile, the shitty situation you’re avoiding is still there. ?)

It’s easy to live FOR the fun times. It’s OK to do that. But, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Tough times come. And it’s not so easy to live IN the tough times.

But, that’s where the gold is. That’s when your ability to live IN the moment serves you most.


When we live IN the moment, we don’t toss anything aside. We don’t avoid anything. We don’t escape. Whether what comes is pleasurable or painful, we don’t go FOR, we go IN.

? We go IN to the present moment. We accept.
? We go IN to ourselves. We connect.

Ever noticed a big, strong tree withstanding a storm? It does that because it has deep roots that go INto the ground. ?

Ever noticed someone who manages to remain calm when shit hits the fan? They do that because they are controlled from withIN themselves. ?

All the power is IN. All the peace is IN.

So, whilst you might enjoy living FOR the moment, don’t forget to hone your ability to live IN it too.

Learning to live IN the moment is a powerful skill for those who have experienced childhood trauma in the form of abuse or other adverse experiences. Learning to ground yourself in ‘what is’ is an act of self mastery that promotes healing and transformation. For more support bouncing back after childhood abuse or other trauma, join my private facebook group here:

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