63. There Is No Strength Without Struggle

63. There Is No Strength Without Struggle

If you’re a gym goer you’ll know that it’s hard work to build your body strength, stamina and muscle. Often it involves a lot of pain ?. But, after the pain come the results. ?

The same goes for developing our invisible muscles – our mind, our emotional body, our spirit. We must go through exactly the same process of working out and feeling pain.

? You won’t build physical muscles after one trip to the gym, you have to go over and over again. You won’t build your invisible muscles by just reading one book, you have to keep learning.

? You won’t build your physical strength and stamina by just standing there looking at the treadmill or weights without actually using them. You won’t build your inner strength just by listening to me talk about the tools without actually using them.

You have to do the work, over and over again, consistently. That’s how we get results. That’s how we build our strength, our resilience.


Sometimes we look at people who seem to have an easy life and maybe we wish we could have had a life like that. But the fact is, they probably don’t have the inner strength that you do. I don’t say that in a way to put them down, or think we are better than them. It’s just how it is.

Getting back up after the fall is where you build your strength. If you’ve never fallen, how will you gain the strength that can only be achieved in the process of getting back up? ?

This inner strength, this inner resilience is such a gift, an asset. ? It will serve you in so many ways throughout life. When challenges come, many will crumble. But not you, you’ll withstand the storm. ? Because you’ve already fallen, you’ll know how to get back up. You’ve been practising. You are skilled at this. You are prepared. You are strong. ?


One day you’ll realise that the 20kg weight you once struggled with is now as light as a feather to you. That 10 mile run that used to exhaust you is now like a stroll in the park.

Your strength will run so deep, it will be so vast. Those negative thoughts that used to send you into a spiral of depression, will soon be like little bubbles floating around, easy to pop in an instant. The intense shame that used to consume your whole being will just be a slight tickle on the surface of your existence. ?

You will stand so strong in your life, a force to be reckoned with. And you’ll realise that all your struggles were the precursors for your success. And believe it or not, you will even be grateful. ?

All of this is available to you if you’re willing to put in the work. If you’re willing to take on the struggle. You’ve already got your subscription to the Life Gym. Now, just make sure you use it.

If you’ve experienced the struggle of a difficult childhood such as enduring abuse, neglect and abandonment, you have an opportunity to build great strength within. But, we don’t always know how to go about this. To access free support, tools and information about bouncing back after a difficult childhood, join my private facebook group here:

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